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Bihar Society Registration


Bihar Society Registration

A society is recognized as a group of the person associated together for a specific purpose which often results in a non-profitable service. Societies registered under the Bihar Society Registration Act, 1860, holds the state of a legal entity. Registration of a society is performed through the Office of Registrar of Society under the Bihar Government. In this article, we look at the process for Bihar Society Registration in detail. For any assistance in registering a society in Bihar, get in touch with an IndiaFilings Advisor at [email protected]

Societies Registration Act, 1860

According to the Society Registration Act, registration of a society should contain seven or more individuals associated for any literary, scientific, charitable purpose or any such purpose as per the Section 20 under the Act, by including their names in a memorandum of association and the same has to registered in the appropriate application form at the time of the society registration.

Purpose of Society Registration

Societies can be registered for the following purposes under the Society Registration Act.

  • Promotion of science, education, the literature of fine arts.
  • Diffusion of valuable knowledge.
  • Managing of libraries or reading rooms for general use among the members or upon to the public.
  • Diffusion of political education.
  • Establishment and maintenance of galleries with paintings and other works of art.
  • Establishment and maintenance of public museums.
  • Collection of natural history, mechanical and philosophical inventions, instructions or designs.
  • Promotion of social welfare.

Memorandum of Association

The Memorandum of Association will include the following particulars.

  •  The name of the society.
  •  The object of the organisation.
  •  The name, address, and occupation of the governors.
  •  The name, address, and occupation of the directors.
  • The name, address, and occupation of the board or any other governing body.

Note: A copy of the rules and regulations of the society, certified by the governing body has to be filed with the Memorandum of Association.

Bye-Laws of Society

The Registrar will not allow for registration of a society unless a copy of its regulations is attached to the MOA. The bye-laws contain the following particulars:

  • The composition of the Governing Body.
  • The maintenance of the register of members and facilities for inspection by the members.
  • The mode of election or appointment and resignation or removal of the persons of the Governing Party, the President, the Secretary and other officers.
  • The procedure for holding meetings of the organisation, quorum, the period of notice for meetings, the method of voting, and the manner of voting by proxy, where such voting is allowed.
  •  The maintenance and audit of accounts.
  • The inspection of accounts and the proceedings of meetings held by the members of the society.

Documents Required

The following documents are to be submitted along with the application form:

  • Bye-laws duly signed by the members along with the seal of the first three members, i.e., President, General Secretary and Treasurer.
  • Memorandum of Association.
  • Address of village/ward/house number, if any, of all the executive members and office-bearers.
  • Address of the society in the area of function.
  • No Objection Certificate of the house owner where the office is functioning in a bond paper signed before the executive Magistrate.
  • A certificate of verification of Character and Antecedents from the Deputy Superintendent of Police of that area.

Applicable Charges

The applicant can register for a society registration in the state of Bihar by remitting the below-mentioned fee.

For society operating in Bihar and outside Rs.25,000
For Society operating within Bihar Rs.15,000
For any amendment in the Memorandum of Association or Rules and Regulation Rs.15,000
For a certified copy of any documents. Rs.500 per document.

Online Bihar Society Registration Procedure

To apply for a Bihar society registration online, follow the steps specified below:

Step 1: Visit Official Website

Visit the official website of Bihar Registration Department.

Step 2: Click on e-Services

Click on “e-Services” which would be displayed on the homepage of the portal.


Step 3: Select the registration option

Then select “Society/Firm Registration” option from the dropdown list.

Step 4: Click on society registration

Click on “Society registration click here” to register for a society.


Step 5: Create a User ID

Then the applicant has to create the new User ID by entering the required details such as:

  • Applicant name
  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Mobile number

Step 6: Enter the OTP received

After completing the details, an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number. Enter the OTP and click on “Create User” button.

Step 7:  Redirected to the login page

After creating the username and password, the applicant will be redirected to the login page.


Step 8: Login into the page

Enter the login ID, i.e. the applicant’s username and password to log in.

Step 9: Application for society registration

After logging onto the website, the application for society registration will pop up on the next page.

Step 10: Attach the documents

Fill the application form with the required details and attach the appropriate documents with it.

Step 11: Make the online payment

After registering for the society, the applicant has to make the online payment to proceed further.

Step 12: Receive application number

Then the applicant will receive the application number after making the payment.

Note: Upon submission, the applicant can view the status of the registration of society with the help of application number/acknowledgement receipt.

Track Application Status

The application status of the society registered may be checked online by following the steps given below:

Step 1: Official website

Visit the official portal of Bihar Society Registration.

Step 2: View application status

Click on “View application status” which is present on the home page of the portal.

Step 3: Click on the status

The applicant has to click on the “Status” option from the menu.


Step 4: Provide relevant details

Now enter the appropriate information such as

  • Registration type
  • Certificate number
  • Document number
  • Application details
  • Application ID

Step 4: Click on the view button

After entering the details, click on the “View” button to view the status of your application.

Concerned Authority

The concerned authority responsible for registering society under the Society Registration Act is the Registrar of the Registration Department.

Processing Time

The applicant can collect the society registration certificate within 30 working days from the date of application.