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Bhavishya – Pension Payment & Tracking System


Bhavishya – Pension Payment & Tracking System

Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare in India has introduced an online Pension Sanction and Payment Tracking System called Bhavishya. The system provides for online tracking of pension sanction and payment process by the retiring employee as well as the administrative authorities.

Objective of Bhavishya

The key objective of Bhavishya is listed here.

  • To ensure active and dignified life for pensioner.
  • To ensure payment of all retirement dues and delivery of Pension Payment Order (PPO) to retiring employees on the day of retirement itself.
  • To obviate delays in payment of pension by ensuring complete transparency.

Implemented Ministries/ Departments in India

At present, Bhavishya is implemented in main secretariat of 88 Ministries/ Departments except Ministry of Railways, Ministry of Defence, Department of Post, Department of Atomic Energy, Department of Tele communication and some security related sensitive organizations.

Retiree Registration

Retiree does not need to register online in ‘Bhavishya’.  His/her details need to be added by Drawing & Disbursing Officer (DDO)/ Head of Office (HOO). Retiree need to send details given below to [email protected].

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Mobile number
  • Official Address
  • Email Id (preferably designation/post based)
  • Designation
  • Ministry/Department
  • List of PAO Codes

As soon as DDO/HOO added retiree’s detail in ‘Bhavishya’ his/her login details will be send through SMS and email to the retiring employee.

Tracking of Pension Online

Retiring Employees can fill all the necessary details & track your pension details by login to Bhavishya portal.

Step 1: Visit home page of Bhavishya.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Login’ tab. The page will redirected to next page.

Image 1 Bhavishya
Step 1 – Login to Portal

Step 3: Please provide your Login Id / User Id and enter security code.

Image 2 Bhavishya
Step 2 – Login to Portal

Step 4: Click on ‘Continue’ to track your pension details.

Nodal Officer Registration in Bhavishya

Nodal officer need to fill an Application Form to Register on Bhavishya.

Step 1: Download the form Bhavishya home page.

Bhavishya Nodal Registration Form

Step 2: Email the scanned copy of filled signed form to [email protected].

DDO/HOO/PAO Registration in Bhavishya

The following mentioned officers only can register online in Bhavishya.

  • Drawing & Disbursing Officer (DDO)
  • Head of Office (HOO) and their Dealing Han
  • Head of Department (HOD)
  • Pay & Accounts Officer (PAO) and their Dealing Hand
  • Multiple roles – DDO & HOO
  • Multiple roles – HOO & PAO

Essential requirement for registration on Bhavishya portal

  • The officer must have a government email id i.e. either ending with or in
  • Mobile Number
  • DDO and PAO code

Online Registration by DDO/HOO/PAO

Step 1: Go to Bhavishya home page.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Registration’ tab and select ‘Registration form’ from the dropdown.

Image 3 Bhavishya
Step 1 – Registration

Step 3: Fill all the mandatory fields in the registration form.

Image 4 Bhavishya
Image 4 Bhavishya
Image 5 Bhavishya
Step 2 – Registration

Step 4: Select the desired role by clicking on desired functional designation

  • Head of Office (HOO)
  • DDO & HOO (DDO and HOO are same person)
  • Pay and Account Office
  • PAO & HOO (if PAO and HOO are same person)

Step 5: After entering all details click on ‘Submit’ button.

Step 6: One Time Passwords (OTPs) will be received on registered mobile and email id.

Step 7:  Enter the OTPs received on mobile and email and click on ‘Submit’ button.

Step 8: Reference number is generated in the format BHVYSA……..

Step 9: Take a print out of application form. Put your signature and get signature from component authority.

Procedure to Upload Registration Form

Specification for Registration from

To upload form on Bhavishya the below mentioned specification should be maintained.

  • Registration form should be in PDF format
  • File size should not exceeding 1 MB size
  • Form should be signed by competent authority and by yourself.

Step 10: Again click on ‘Registration tab’ and select ‘Print/Upload Registration

Image 6 Bhavishya
Step 1 – Upload Registration

Step 11: New window will appear you have to enter ‘Bhavishya Reference number’ and Security Code.

Image 6 Bhavishya
Step 2 – Upload Registration

Step 12: Click on submit

Step 13: OTP will be received in your mobile number, enter the OTP and click on submit.

Step 14: Now you can upload the scanned copy of registration form duly signed by competent authority.