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Ahmedabad Property Tax

Ahmedabad Property Tax

Ahmedabad Property Tax

Taxes are considered as the primary source of income for the government of any country. The resources provided by the government to its citizens are the product of the taxes collected over time. Every property is considered an asset that is taxable under the law. Property in this context refers to all tangible real estate that can be owned by an individual. This includes houses, buildings, offices, and premises rented out to other individuals. Therefore, when a person holds a property, tax for the same has to be paid annually to the government. The property owner is facilitated with the convenience to pay off property tax dues to the local state government or the municipal corporation according to the policies stated by the government. In this article, we review the procedures for payment and details surrounding Ahmedabad Property Tax.

Types of Property

In India, a property would come under any of the following major major groups with the aim to simplify and fix tax rates and estimates based on specific criteria decided by the government. The various property divisions in India are listed below:

Land: Any property in its basic form, i.e. without any structure constructed or improvements built on it.

Improvements made in a land: This includes any structure constructed in the ground, for example, a building, a house or commercial space.

Personal Property: This consists of any movable property that can be possessed such as cars, bikes or buses.

Intangible Property: Any material or property that can be owned or transferred between individuals but at the same time, has no physical substance such as Intellectual Property.

Amdavad Municipal Corporation Property Tax

Under the Bombay Provincial Corporation Act, the Amdavad Municipal Corporation (AMC) is in charge of taking care of the civic infrastructure and administration of the city. The AMC continuously strives to initiate different innovative strategies such as issuing municipal bonds and implementing property tax reforms by setting a “zero litigation” record. Citizens and property owners may pay all property related taxes in Amdavad through the Municipal Corporation (AMC) of the city.

Property Tax Calculation by the AMC

The Amdavad Municipal Corporation has provided the facility of calculating property tax online for the convenience of its citizens. The payment can be executed by visiting the official online page of the Amdavad Municipal Corporation and entering the required details in the “self-assessment” section of the Property Tax webpage. Details of the following kinds have to be furnished on the same page:

  1. Location
  2. Residential or Non Residential Property
  3. Usage Type
  4. Types of Construction

Payment Procedure

Amdavad Municipal Corporation has made the process of property tax payment simple and easy. There is entirely no requirement for an individual to visit the office of the AMC to clear property tax dues. The corporation has provided the online service of accepting property tax payments. The following steps have to be followed to complete the process:

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Amdavad Municipal Corporation:

Step 2: From the top menu, select Online Services.

Step 2- Ahmedabad Property Tax
Step 2- Ahmedabad Property Tax

Step 3: From the drop-down menu options, choose Tax Department and then, select Property Tax Dues and Paid Details from the following side menu.

Step 3- Ahmedabad Property Tax
Step 3- Ahmedabad Property Tax

Step 4: Enter the Tenement Number in the field provided on the following page. Click Search Dues after doing so.

Step 4- Ahmedabad Property Tax
Step 4- Ahmedabad Property Tax

Step 5: The next page will contain the name of the owner, address, occupier (if any) and the dues pending on the property in question.

Step 6: Click on the Pay icon to proceed with the payment and to clear the pending tax dues.

Step 7: Once the process has been initiated, the following page will show a reconfirmation of the property’s details and the payment amount. The same page would consist of fields that require the owner’s mobile number and E-mail address.

Step 8: Click on the Confirm icon to continue the process after reviewing the details and completing the necessary fields.

Step 9: After the Confirm option has been selected, the page will be redirected to the payment gateway.

Step 10: Chose the required payment method and enter the necessary details. Credit card, Debit card, and Netbanking are some of the payment methods accepted on the site.

Step 11: Once the payment is completed successfully, a Transaction Reference Number will be received as an acknowledgement for the fee. This amount will be credited into the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation account in less than two working days.

Step 12: The receipt for the Property Tax Payment is accessible via the official AMC website and can be received by the email address provided in the initial phase.

AMC Property Tax Bill

The Amdavad Municipal Corporation issues the taxpayers with the property tax receipts through the registered email addresses. The corporation also sends out SMS alerts to inform its citizens about the pending property tax. A property tax bill states the full cash value, taxable value of the property and the assessed value of the property. The AMC maintains a useful database with the help of the Property Tax Department by registering contact numbers and email addresses of its citizens to send E-bills.

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