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Activation of UAN

Activation of UAN

Activation of UAN – Provident Fund

UAN (Universal Account Number) is allocated by the EPFO through the new Unified Portal, just as the name mentions it is a universal number which contains multiple Member Ids assigned to an individual by several establishments. The UAN would act as a single window to access all the documents and data related to an individual linked under the said UAN. If an individual already has a UAN, then he need not apply for a new UAM while joining a new organization. The employee would, in turn, be allotted a new allotted Member Identification Number (Member Id) to the previously allocated Universal Identification Number (UAN) by those employers having PF registration. In this article we look at the benefits of UAN and procedure for activation of UAN.

Purpose of UAN

  • You can link all your PF account number to the UAN through its member portal.
  • Post linking of previous PF accounts, the transfer of PF balance triggers itself without requesting the same online.
  • The UAN is a mandatory field withdrawing EPF pending amount.
  • The EPFO could be accessed by an employee whose UAN is linked with Adhaar. The Adhaar number is the single way to verify a member digitally.
  • The EPFO member could view his/her latest PF balance via SMS.
  • The member would be able to access the link to download the UAN passbook through the online UAN portal. This passbook comprises of all the details regarding the member’s PF.
  • The UAN provides an identification number that is independent to employers. Once the member’s KYC details and Adhaar number is verified, the employee is all set to use it.
  • Once the register on UAN portal is successful, the member would receive SMS periodically. This would reveal the deposits into the member’s PF account.

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Facilities Provided for UAN

The UAN Member Portal currently provides the below-mentioned facilities to its registered members:-

  • Download Passbook
  • Download UAN Card
  • List Previous Member IDs
  • Enter KYC Details
  • Check Eligibility for Online Transfer Claim
  • Edit Personal Details

Obtaining UAN

The employee could collect his UAN from the employer, as it is available with them. The UAN number is usually mentioned on the employee’s payslip for the employee’s convenience.

In case you have not received UAN, read about this guide on UAN registration.

Accessing and Updating UAN Details – Online

In order to access or update details on the portal, members would be required to visit the UAN based Member Portal website which is  Initially, the member must activate his UAN by click on the link provided that states “ACTIVATE YOUR UAN” on the Member Portal. The member must have the UAN, Mobile and a member ID handy to activate his/her UAN on the Member Portal.

Members must submit correct details to their employer attaching the correct proofs documented. The employer would certify and submit information concerned to Field Office. The UAN Card is critical and shall be auto-updated in the systems. In order to update the KYC details, the member could access the UAN portal and then click the ‘Profile’ menu -> Click on “Update KYC Information” -> The KYC document uploaded by the member must be digitally approved by the employer. The status of KYC would reflect as “Pending: until it has been approved

Activating UAN

In order to activate the UAN, members must visit the UAN based member portal which is Members must have UAN, Mobile and Member ID handy to activate his/her UAN on the Member Portal. Once activated, the member is required to log in to the UAN Member Portal using the corresponding UAN as his user id and password, which is created by the member self and it, mustn’t be disclosed to anyone.

Download of UAN

The member must logon the UAN member portal, login with valid UAN and password credentials.-> Click on the Download Menu ->  select option Download UAN Card -> PDF of UAN card could be downloaded by clicking on the link provided -> This could be printed out for record purposes.

Transfer & Withdrawal of PF

In the event of the resignation of an employee and if he/she is appointed in a new job at a different company, he/she is required to receive funds and service details transferred to the new account. This unique facility of EPFO could facilitate their portability from one account to other by linking the different member ids if both the employers have approved the KYC details. The PF amount and service details from the previous account until the current account could be transferred. After the transfer of funds, the present employer must sign the withdrawal forms.

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Modifying UAN Details

In order to edit the details on the UAN member portal, the member must go to Profile Menu in Member Portal -> select option ‘Edit Mobile No.’/ ‘Edit Email ID’ for amending the mobile number and email id respectively. The necessary changes could be made, and then an OTP would be sent to the registered mobile number. Once the OTP is confirmed on the portal, the changes would be saved.

Multiple Allotment of UAN

In the rarest of the rarest cases two UAN would be allotted to the member, this might occur due to non-filing of the exit date by the member’s previous employer in ECR filing or there might be a pending transfer in the member’s current employment.

In such cases, the member is required to immediately report the same either to his employer or via email to [email protected] by stating the employee’s current and previous UANs. Post verification, the previous UAN allocated to the member would be blocked and the current UAN would be activated. Subsequently, the member must submit the Claim to receive a transfer of services to get the new UAN funded.

Contact Details

In order to solve any queries in reference to the member portal, the member could contact the helpdesk at the following contact methods:

Helpdesk Number : 18001-18005

Helpdesk Email Id : [email protected]