Proprietorship Registration In Maharashtra

A sole proprietorship registration is a business that is owned, directed, and run by an individual. Proprietorship is the most popular type of unregistered business entity that is owned, managed, and controlled by one person. Proprietorship Registration in Maharashtra is preferred by most micro and small businesses that are operating in the unorganized sector.

It is easier to get proprietorship registration in Maharashtra. Also, the regulatory compliance requirement for carrying out the operations are very less. This makes proprietorship registration in Maharashtra very popular. Entrepreneurs who are getting into the business for small-scale business with a few clients can get proprietorship registration as it best suits their needs.

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Proprietorship Registration In Maharashtra FAQ's

All you need to do is get in touch with our business consultants at IndiaFilings. Fill up the relevant forms, submit the necessary documents.

A proprietorship registered in Maharashtra cannot be transferred to another person. The assets in proprietorships can be transferred to another person through sale.

As then proprietorship firm and the proprietor are not different from another, all the proprietorship firms in Maharashtra have to file the Income-tax returns.

Proprietorship firms need to get a financial audit each year. However, a Tax audit is required in some cases based on the criteria and other factors.

There is no registry or regulation to register the name of the proprietorships. However, In case a business wants they can get a trademark registration to maintain the exclusive use of the business name.


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