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Company registration including Government Fee & Stamp Duty*. Incorporation kit with share certificates.

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Private Limited Company Registration In Assam

Company Registration in Assam is one of the highly recommended ways to commence with any business. Getting a Company registration in Assam offers limited liability to the shareholders with certain restrictions over the ownership. In a Private Limited Company, the Directors may be different from the shareholders. A Private Limited Company is recognized as a separate identity with a Dedicated PAN Card and a Certificate of Incorporation of the Company.

Documents required for Company registration in Assam:

To register a company in Assam, various documents are to be submitted to the MCA:

  1. PAN Card of the proposed directors will be required for registering a Private Limited Company.
  2. Address proof that has the name of the Director also needs to be submitted, the same address should be mentioned in the PAN and the most current address of the Director.
  3. Additional to this the Director must also provide the valid registered office address of the Company. A registered document of the title of the premises in the Name of the Company or the notarized copy of the lease/rent agreement in the name of the Company along with the paid rent receipt that is not older than one month.

What are the advantages of registering a Company in Assam?

The entrepreneurs choose to register a Company in Assam due to various reasons we have to listen them below:

  • As per the law, a Private Limited Company is an artificial Judicial person that is established under the Companies Act. A Company registered in Assam is a separate legal entity from the Directors and the Shareholders. So a Private Limited Company in Assam enjoys a wide legal capacity.
  • By getting Company Registration in Assam it enjoys validity as long as the company is active. Perpetual succession denotes the continuous existence of the company till it is dissolved or wound up. Thus, a Company is unaffected by the death or by the death or the departure of any member.
  • The members of the company have Limited Liability towards the number of debts. It is only limited to the face value of the shares purchased by them.
  • The ownership of a Private Limited Company is determined by the number of shares that are held by the shareholders. The shares of a company registered in Mumbai can be transferred to another person or any other legal entity. Again the transfer of shares is subjected to the Articles of Association of the Company and the Shareholders Agreement. Easy transfer of shares is one of the reasons, entrepreneurs opt to register a Company.
  • A Company registered in Assam can acquire, own, transfer any type of tangible or intangible asset. A shareholder is not eligible to claim the company's property as they are not the owners of the company. A shareholder merely has an interest in the company that arises under the AOA.
  • A Company registered in Assam can help the promoters raise the equity funding Angel investors, Private Equity firms, and stock exchange.

To register a Private Limited Company in Assam talk to our experts and know about the checklist and the whole process.


To register a private limited company a minimum of 2 directors are required and a maximum of 15 directors are required.
Yes, a Private limited company can have Foreign direct investment in their company.
To obtain company registration in Assam the following documents are mandatory – PAN, Aadhar card, Id prof of the directors, bank details, electricity bill, and the rent agreement.
No private limited company registered in Assam cannot issue shares to the general public.