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Uttarakhand e-District Portal

Uttarakhand e-District Portal

Uttarakhand e-District Portal

Uttarakhand e-District is an initiative of the Department of Electronics and Information Technology intending to provide government services to citizens through Common Services Centers (CSC). The e-District portal will grant the services related to registration in the certificate, complaint and information authority, public distribution system, pension, Khatouni, revenue disputes and employment centres. In this article, we look at the Uttarakhand e-District Portal in detail.

E-District Public Services

Through the e-district project, services related to various departments of Uttarakhand state are provided for public welfare.

  • Certificate
  • Pension
  • Employment Registration


Through these services, the user can view the list and details of all the certificates provided by the concern Government department through the citizen service centres are mentioned below.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Certificate for backward castes
  • Certificate for SC/ST
  • Disabled Certificate
  • Income Certificate
  • Residence Certificate


Through this services user can view the list and details of Pension Schemes of Social Welfare Department Uttarakhand provided through the citizen service centres are mentioned below.

  • Old Age Pension
  • Widow Pension
  • Disabled Pension

Employment Registration

This service facility the unemployed youth residing in the respective states to pre-register for the vacancies for the job being done in various sectors of the States.

Registered job seekers can see their status in the job waiting list online in many states. Also,  Employers can register their vacancies in these centres and can select from the registered candidates as per their requirement.

Uttarakhand e-District Portal Registration

The CSC user can register through the official portal of Uttarakhand e District portal to get the different department services, follow the procedure specified here:

Visit Official Portal

Step 1: The applicant has to visit the official website of e-District, Uttarakhand Government.

E-District User Login

Step 2: Click on “Login” Button which is present on the homepage of the portal.

Uttarakhand E-District Portal -Image 1
Uttarakhand E-District Portal -Image 1

Provide the Details

Step 3: On the next page, the user has to log in with user id, password and image value and click on “Sign In” button.

Uttarakhand e-District Portal -Image 2
Uttarakhand e-District Portal -Image 2

New Application Form

Step 4: This new application is available in CSC user for registration of application received by a citizen. CSC user has to register all the new applications received by the citizen.

Uttarakhand e-District Portal -Image 3
Uttarakhand e-District Portal -Image 3

Choose the Service

Step 5: select the department, service type and service name according to the requirement of application received.

Uttarakhand e-District Portal -Image 4
Uttarakhand e-District Portal -Image 4

Upload the Image

Step 6: Choose Photo to upload (Click “browse” and the select photo of the applicant and click “upload”. Size of the photo should be less than 100 Kb).

Fill the Application

Step 7: Select the document for the enclosure to upload and submit. Click “Fill application form” link. The application entry form will be open. Enter the fields and click the “save” button. Screenshot of entry form as the sample is shown below.

Uttarakhand e-District Portal -Image 5
Uttarakhand e-District Portal -Image 5

Duplicate Receipt

Step 8: This link is available in CSC user. CSC operator can issue a duplicate receipt of the un-disposed application. The application reference number is to be entered and the copy of receipt generated for printing as shown below.

Uttarakhand e-District Portal -Image 6
Uttarakhand e-District Portal -Image 6

Printing of Certificates

Step 9: This link is available in CSC user. Through this module, the CSC operator can print the certificate for the citizen after final approval.

Uttarakhand e-District Portal -Image 7
Uttarakhand e-District Portal -Image 7

With or Without Digital Signature

Step 10: Select the option digital signature or without digital signature and then click on the “Submit” button.

Download the Certificate

Step 11: Then the respective certificate will be displayed on the screen, and that can be downloaded.

Uttarakhand e-District Portal -Image 8
Uttarakhand e-District Portal -Image 8

Application Status

This portal serves the applicant to track the application status which is visible on the home page allows the user to track the status of the submitted application by providing the Application Reference Number. After providing correct reference number of the form, the following status will be displayed, i.e. district name, tehsil name, certificate name, applicant name, and application received to date and certificate print date, state and remark.

Help Center

For any further queries, kindly follow the below-mentioned contact number and email id.

Phone number: 0135-3051521

Email id: [email protected]