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Types of Trademark

Types of Trademark

Types of Trademark

Trademark is logo or combination of characters and numerals used by a company to claim its ownership on a term or design to represent its products and services. There are various of types of trademarks which can be registered like product mark, service mark, collective mark, certification mark, shape mark, sound mark and pattern mark. Though there are many kinds of trademarks, their purpose is for the same – which is to enable the consumers identify goods and services originating from a certain manufacturer or services provider. In this article, we look at the various types of trademark.

Product Mark

Product mark is a mark that is used on a good or on a product rather than on a service. This this type of trademark is used to recognize the origin of the product and helps in maintaining the reputation of a business. Trademark applications filed under trademark class 1-34 could be termed as a product mark, as they represent goods.

Service Mark

Service mark is similar to the product mark but a service mark is used to represent a service rather than a product. The main purpose of the service mark is that it distinguishes its proprietors from the owners of other services. Trademark applications filed under trademark class 35-45 could be termed as a service mark, as they represent services.

Collective Mark

Collective mark is used to inform the public about certain distinguished features of a product or service used to represent a collective. A group of individuals can use this mark so that they are collectively protecting a goods or service. The mark holder can be an association or can be a public institution or can also be a Section 8 Company.

In a collective mark, normally the standards of the products are fixed by the regulator owing the mark. Others associated with the collective are held responsible to adhere to certain standards while using the mark in the course of business. A commonly known collective mark in India is the Chartered Accountant designation.

Certification Mark

Certification mark is a sign that denotes a products origin, material, quality or other specific details which are issued by the proprietor. The main purpose of certification mark is to bring out the standard of the product and guarantee  the product to the customers. A certification mark can also be used to uplift the product’s standard amongst the customers by showing that the product had undergone standard tests to ensure quality. Certification marks are usually seen on packed foods, toys and electronics.

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Shape Mark

Shape Mark is exclusively used to protect the shape of the product so that the customers find it relatable to a certain manufacturer and prefer to buy the product. The shape of a particular product can be registered once it is recognized to have a noteworthy shape. An example of a shape is the Coca-Cola bottle or Fanta bottle, which have a distinctive shape identifiable with the brand.

Pattern Mark

Pattern marks are those products that have specific designed patterns that come out as the distinguishing factor of the product. Patterns which fail to stand out as a remarkable mark is generally rejected since it does not serve any purpose. For a pattern to be registered, it has to show evidence of its uniqueness.

Sound Mark

Sound mark is a sound that can be associated with a product or service originating from a certain supplier. To be able to register a sound mark, when people hear the sound, they easily identify that service or product or a shows that the sound represents. Sound logos are called as audio mnemonic and is most likely to appear at the beginning or end of a commercial. The most popular sound mark in India is the tune for IPL. 

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