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Trademark Class 4: Industrial Oil and Fuels

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Trademark Class 4: Industrial Oil and Fuels

A comprehensive guide to Class 4 of the Trademark Classification. Trademarks must be applied or registered under classes and each class represents a distinct class of goods or services. In this post, we comprehensively cover the goods which fall under Class 4 of trademark classification.

Trademark Class 4

The following goods are classified under Class 4: Industrial oils and greases, lubricants, dust absorbing, wetting and binding compositions, fuels (including motor spirit) and illuminants, candles and wicks for lighting.

Class 3 includes mainly includes industrial oils, greases, fuels and illuminants.

The following goods must NOT be classified under Class 4: certain special industrial oils and greases.

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List of goods classified under Trademark Class 4

  • additives, non-chemical, to motor-fuel
  • alcohol [fuel]
  • anthracite
  • beeswax
  • belting wax
  • benzene
  • benzine
  • benzol
  • bone oil for industrial purposes
  • candles / tapers
  • carburants / motor fuel
  • carnauba wax
  • castor oil for industrial purposes
  • ceresine
  • charcoal [fuel]
  • Christmas tree candles
  • coal
  • coal naphtha
  • coal tar oil
  • coal briquettes
  • coal dust [fuel]
  • coke
  • combustible briquettes
  • cutting fluids
  • diesel oil / gas oil
  • dust absorbing compositions
  • dust removing preparations
  • dust laying compositions
  • dust binding compositions for sweeping
  • electrical energy
  • ethanol [fuel]
  • firelighters
  • firewood
  • fish oil, not edible
  • fuel with an alcoholic base
  • fuel gas
  • fuel
  • fuel oil / combustible oil
  • gas for lighting
  • gasoline
  • grease for leather
  • grease for belts
  • grease for footwear
  • grease for arms [weapons]
  • illuminating grease
  • illuminating wax
  • industrial oil
  • industrial grease
  • industrial wax
  • kerosene
  • lamp wicks
  • lighting fuel
  • lignite
  • ligroin
  • lubricants
  • lubricating grease
  • lubricating graphite
  • lubricating oil
  • mazut
  • methylated spirit
  • mineral fuel
  • moistening oil
  • motor oil
  • naphtha
  • nightlights [candles]
  • non-slipping preparations for belts
  • oil for the preservation of leather
  • oil for the preservation of masonry
  • oil-gas
  • oils for paints
  • oils for releasing form work [building]
  • oleine
  • ozocerite [ozokerite]
  • paper spills for lighting
  • paraffin
  • peat [fuel]
  • peat briquettes [fuel] / blocks of peat [fuel]
  • perfumed candles
  • petrol
  • petroleum jelly for industrial purposes
  • petroleum, raw or refined
  • petroleum ether
  • preservatives for leather [oils and greases]
  • producer gas
  • rape oil for industrial purposes
  • solidified gases [fuel] / solidified gas [fuel]
  • soya bean oil preparations for non-stick treatment of cooking utensils
  • stearine
  • sunflower oil for industrial purposes
  • tallow
  • textile oil
  • tinder
  • vaporized fuel mixtures
  • wax [raw material]
  • wicks for candles
  • wood briquettes
  • wood spills for lighting
  • wool grease / lanolin
  • xylene
  • xylol

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