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Rythu Bandhu – Supporting Scheme for Telangana Farmers


 Rythu Bandhu – Scheme for Telangana Farmers

Agriculture and Farmer Welfare Department of Telangana Government have introduced Rythu Bandhu scheme in the year 2018. Rythu Bandhu is an investment support scheme to support the livelihood of farmers in the State of Telangana. Under the Rythu Bandhu scheme, farmers will directly get financial support twice a year, i.e. during the two main seasons. In this article, we look at the Rythu Bandhu Scheme for Telangana farmers in detail.

Objective of Rythu Bandhu Scheme

The key objective of the Rythu Bandhu Scheme is to rescue Telangana farmers from their financial plight and not to allow the agricultural worker to fall in the debt trap again by providing financial support.

Features of Rythu Bandhu Scheme

Agricultural Productivity

Rythu Bandhu Scheme helps farmers to increase agricultural productivity and increase the State’s economic output.

Focusing on Main Crops

Telangana Government provides financial assistant to the farmers during the Rabi and Kharif crops to generate more agricultural profits.

Pattadar Dharani Passbooks

Along with financial assistance, the Telangana Government is providing Pattadar Dharani passbooks to all eligible farmers.

Land Area

To reach most needy farmers in the State, Telangana Government covers 1.42 crore acres area under this scheme.

Number of Beneficiaries

About 58 lakh farmer is getting benefits under the Rythu Bandhu Scheme in Telangana

Budget Allocation

A budget of Rs.12,000 crores has been provided for the financial year 2018-19 for Rythu Bandhu Scheme.

Eligibility Criteria for Rythu Bandhu Scheme

Eligibility criteria to obtain benefits of Rythu Bandhu are listed below:

  • Telangana State farmers are eligible to get the benefit of Rythu Bandhu Scheme
  • Farmers who won the farm plot will get benefits of this scheme
  • Farmers working on a rental contract (tenant farmers) are not eligible for financial support
  • Small and margin agricultural labours are eligible for Rythu Bandhu Scheme
  • Wealthy agricultural labours are not allowed for this scheme
  • Pattadar registered under Forest Rights Record can apply for this scheme

Financial Assistance

Under the Rythu Bandhu Scheme, Telangana farmers will get annual financial assistance of Rs.8,000 per acre. Farmers will acquire this grant in two instalments. Rs. 4,000 per acre will be provided during Rabi season and remaining Rs.4,000 per acre will granted during Kharif Season. Farmers can use this financial assistance to purchase the following or can be used for agricultural labour purposes:

  • Seeds
  • Fertilizer
  • Pesticides
  • Other investments for field

Pattadar Cheque

Pattadar in Telangana will get a cheque of Rs.49,999 for receiving the subsidy. It is applicable only for selected pattadar. Rythu Bandhu cheque contains the following details:

  • Scheme name as Rythu Bandhu
  • Pattadar name
  • Pattadar passbook number
  • Details of revenue village and mandal
  • District details
  • Total amount
  • Signature of commissioner
  • Signature of Director of Agriculture

Issue of Pattadar Dharani Passbooks  

Under the Rythu Bandhu scheme, all farmers in the State will receive free Pattadar Dharani passbooks along with financial assistance.

This new passbook replaces all other agricultural land ownership documents. This passbook is provided with a unique barcode and Aadhaar number. Purchase or sale of land records will be updated on this passbook regularly

Process or Implementation of Scheme

Implementation of Rythu Bandhu scheme will be done in two different phases. Under this scheme, financial assistance will be provided to selected farmers in two crops. During the sowing of Kharif crop and Rabi crop farmers will get these benefits.

Government of Telangana distributed first phase cheque on 10/05/18. The second phase of financial assistance and cheque distribution will be carried out by November 2018.

Contribution for Rythu Bandhu Scheme

All interested citizens of Telangana can donate cash for the successful functioning of the Rythu Bandhu Scheme. For making a financial donation to this scheme, Government of Telangana has launched an online web portal. To contribute to Rythu Bandhu Scheme, all interested citizen can follow below mentioned simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the Rythu Bandhu Website home page.

Step 2: Enter the following details to donate.

  • Full Name
  • Select Gender from the drop-down menu
  • Date of birth
  • Mobile number
  • Address
  • The village, town and city
  • Amount for donation
Image 1 Rythu Bandhu – Supporting Scheme for Telangana Farmers

Step 3: After entering all details, click on the donate now button. The applicant can make payment through internet banking.