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Representative Assessee – Income Tax

A representative assessee is a person who acts as a legal representative of another person under the Income Tax Act. The law relating to representative assessees is available under Section 160 (1) (i) of the Income Tax Act. Representative assessees are used while assessing a non-resident taxpayer under the provisions of Income Tax law. According to Section 163 of Income Tax Act, a Representative Assessee is a person who is employed as an agent on behalf of an NRI for the purposes of income tax assessment.

Appointment of Representative Assessee

If an assessee is unable to or fails to complete an income tax self-assessment, the concerned person is permitted to entitle another person on behalf of the assessee to complete the assessment. Some of the common reasons for the appointment of representative assessee include:

  • The taxpayer is not present in India.
  • The taxpayer is an NRI.
  • Any other reason.

Representative Assessee Liabilities

Any person who is opting to become a representative assessee takes on liability on behalf of the original taxpayer. It is not necessary for the representative assessee to be in receipt of the NRI’s income. For instance, the tax would be levied upon the representative assessee as the same tax that would be levied on the income of the NRI. Further, if the Representative Assessee is related to different NRIs then, the assessee will be assessed for every NRI with whom he is related.

Procedure to Add Representative Assessee

The following are the steps to add a representative assessee on the Income Tax portal.

Step 1: Log on to the website

The user has to visit the official website https://www.

Step 2: Click ‘Login Here’

The user has to click on login here in the home page and enter details like User ID, Password, Date of Birth and the Captcha code.

Step 3: Select Add/register as Representative

After logging in, the user has to click on My Account and select Add/register as Representative.

Step 4: Click New Request

Under Request Type, the user then has to click New Request and Select ‘Add another person to represent on your behalf’. Then click ‘Proceed’.

Step 5: Click on Reason

Select anyone out of the three reasons.

Step 6: Enter the details

The Representative’s details have to be entered and then click on the Submit button.

Step 7: Enter the PIN

A PIN will be sent to the user’s phone number and to the E-mail. Enter this PIN and click on Validate.

Step 8: Alerting the representative

The Representative will be alerted through an E-mail and mobile number. The representative can check this by logging in and then clicking ‘For your action’ under Worklist.

Procedure to Register as a Representative

The representative has to complete the following steps to become a representative assessee of another taxpayer:

Step 1: Log on to the website

The user has to go to the official website https://www.

Step 2: Click on Login Here

The user has to click on Login Here on the Home Page. Enter the details like User ID, Password, Date of Birth and Captcha code.

Step 3: Click Add/register

Under My Account, click on Add/Register.

Step 4: Click New Request

Under Request Type, the user then has to click New Request. Select ‘Add another person to represent on your behalf’. Then click ‘Proceed’.

Step 5: Attach Documents

The user then has to attach the relevant documents and click on Submit.

Step 6: Verification Process

After completion of all the processes, a request will be sent to the E-filing admin and after verification, the request will either be accepted or rejected.

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