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Relieving Letter Format

Relieving Letter Format

Relieving Letter Format

Relieving letter is a type of official document provided to an employee on resignation confirming that he/she has been relieved of duty. Relieving letters are often requested by the new employer to ensure that the employee completed his/her notice period and left the previous employer after completing all necessary formalities.

Relieving letters are mostly addressed to the employee leaving the organisation and is provided on the letterhead of the company on the last date of employment. Prior to providing a relieving letter, the employer must obtain from the employee a resignation letter. In some cases, relieving letter could be provided to the new employer confirming that the employee left employment after completing all necessary formalities.

The following relieving letter format can be used by employers in India. Its recommended that the relieving letter be printed on the letter head of the organisation and signed by the concerned HR or department head.

15th April, 2018



Employee Name
Address Line 1,
Address Line 2,
City, State, PIN

Subject: Relieving Letter

Dear Employee Name,

This is in furtherance to your resignation letter dated 15th March, 2018 wherein you had requested to be relieved from your services on 15th April, 2018. We wish you inform you that your resignation has been accepted and you are being relieved from your position of Senior Associate with Company Name with effect from 15th April 2018.

Your full and final settlement would be processed and credited in the next 45 days to the account provided during your employment. We appreciate your contributions to Company Name and wish you all the best for your future endeavours.




HR Manager