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Procedure and Criteria for Import of Power Tillers

Procedure and Criteria for Import of Power Tillers

Procedure and Criteria for Import of Power Tillers

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has specified the Procedure and Criteria for importing Power Tillers vide Notice No. 19/2015-2020. With this notification, the DGFT has amended the Import Policy of power tillers & their components and placed their imports in the restricted category from free earlier. Hence the importer needs to obtain import authorization from the Government to import Power Tillers. The importer can apply for import authorization/license online through the new DGFT Platform under the Restricted Item category. The present article briefs the Procedure to obtain an import license for the Import of Power Tillers,

The Gist of DGFT Notification

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), on July 15, 2020, issued two notifications related to the Amendment in import policy and policy conditions for the import of Power tillers.

  • The DGFT has announced that the Power Tillers and its components are put in the restricted category, making it mandatory for importers to get a license from DGFT to import the product.
  • As per the public notice, the DGFT also has prescribed Conditions and modalities for issuing authorizations for import.
  • The exporter can apply for import authorization as restricted items and exports are not required to forward any hard copy of the application via email or post to DGFT.

Conditions for issuance of Authorizations for Import of Power Tillers

As per the revised import policy, conditions for the distribution of Authorizations for the Import of Power Tillers are as follows:

  • As mentioned above, DGFT detailed the Procedure for giving import licenses. The cumulative authorization value issued to the company in a year should not exceed 10% of the power tillers imported during the past year (2019-2020) by that company. The cap of 10% also applies to components of power tillers.
  • To get the import authorization, the applicant should have been in the power tillers business for at least three years and sold a minimum of 100 power tillers in the past three years.
  • The applicant should have the valid Type (Information and communication technology ) /batch test report from Central Farm Machinery Training & Testing Institute as well as emission test approval, and Central Motor Vehicles Rules of the power tiller sought to be
  • The importer must have satisfactory and proven infrastructure for training, post-sales service, and spare parts to obtain an import license.
  • Only manufacturers of Power Tiller are eligible to apply for an import authorization for the import of Power Tiller and its components.
  • The Power Tiller which will be imported should meet all the specifications as notified under IS 13539 or higher than these specifications.

Import Policy of Power Tillers and its Components

A New Policy Condition is being added in Chapter 84 of ITC (HS), 2017 Schedule – I (import policy as follows:

  • Under HS code 84328020, the import is Free for all items except Power Tillers, Engines, Transmission, Chassis, and Ratavator forming parts of the Power Tillers.

Restricted Import of Power Tillers

Considering the demand for Power Tillers, the Government revised the import policy and allowed the imports of the following products with a license.


Export-Import (ExIm) code




Rotary tiller




Conditions for Power Tillers to get Import Authorization

The power tiller is the equipment used for the soil preparation; the condition to obtain import authorization for such equipment is as follows:

  • The equipment may be walking behind or riding attachment type and should be capable of being coupled to a trailer that can be used for transportation of goods of above 1 ton capacity.
  • The maximum speed of the power tiller, when coupled with the trailer, should be below 22 Kmph.
  • To avail of the import license, the minimum rated horsepower output of the power tiller engine should be above 8bhp (Brake Horse Power)

Eligibility Criteria to Obtain Import License

The firm applying for the import license should manufacture the power tiller and its components.

Documents Required for Import License

The importer must furnish the following documents to obtain import authorization for importing the power tiller and its components.

  • Certificate of Registration as Manufacture of power tiller from the concerned Department
  • Copy of the Import Export Code of the Firm
  • Copy of Purchase order or Invoice

Procedure to get Authorization for Import of Power Tillers

The applicant needs to access the new DGFT platform and select the service tab from the main menu. The list of services will be displayed to select “Online ECOM Application.” The link will redirect to the new page.

Procedure and Criteria for Import of Power Tillers - Home Page
Procedure and Criteria for Import of Power Tillers – Home Page

Click on the Restricted Item (import) License; the application page will be displayed.

Procedure and Criteria for Import of Power Tillers - ECOM
Procedure and Criteria for Import of Power Tillers – ECOM

Enter your Mobile Number or Email id and click on the get OTP button. Furnish the OTP received on the mobile or email id and click on the SUBMIT button to proceed further. After the successful login Main Menu will appear.

Select the create a new ECOM option from the left side menu, and a new form for Import of Restricted Item will appear on the screen with some pre-filled details like (ECOM Ref Number, ECOM Date), etc.

After providing the applicant details, such as IEC details, click on the SAVE button to save the application.

Select the Import policy of the Item to be imported as (Restricted) from the drop-down menu and provide the following details on the respective page.

  • Canalized Detail
  • Government Supply Detail
  • Import Item form details – Item Serial number is auto-generated.
  • Specify other details like ITCHS Code, Quantity, UOM of Quantity, CIF in Foreign Currency (FC), FC Type, Country of Origin, Purpose of Import (Actual / Trading), and Detail Justification
  • Select the Import type of item from the drop-down menu

Upload Document

Now click the Upload Document button to upload your document with the application. Make sure all documents size should not exceed 5 MB each. All documents should be in pdf format only. If the total document size is more than 5 MB, please send it to [email protected] mentioning the ECOM Reference Number, File Number, and File Date.

Press the pay application fee as applicable by clicking on the PAY Fee button. Click on submit button you will be redirected to the payment gateway to make your payment. After successful payment, click on the Print Application button to review the application details.

Next, Select the DGFT RA office to submit your application from the drop-down menu. Now click on the SUBMIT Application button to submit your application.

Get License

Once the DGFT accepts the request, the import license for the shipment of PPE Medical Coveralls will be issued.