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Partnership Firm Registration in Uttar Pradesh

Partnership Firm Registration in Uttar Pradesh

Partnership Firm Registration in Uttar Pradesh

Partnership firms are the popular forms of business constitution that are owned, controlled and managed by an Association of People for profit. Partnership firm is the second most popular type of business entity in our country after proprietorship. Under the provision of section 58 of Indian Partnership (Uttar Pradesh Amendment) Act, 2001 a firm can be registered at any time by furnishing an application with the Registrar of Firms. In Uttar Pradesh, firm can be registered with Office of Registrar. In this article, we look at the procedure for partnership firm registration in Uttar Pradesh. In case you require assistance for registering Partnership Firm in Uttar Pradesh, get in touch with an IndiaFilings Advisor at [email protected]

Benefits of Partnership Firm

There are two types of partnership firms namely, un-registered and registered Partnership firm. It is not compulsory to register a Partnership firm; however, it is advisable to register a Partnership firm registration due to the added advantages. Important benefits of registering partnership firm in India are described in detail below:

  • One of most important benefit of partnership firms are that more than one person can invest and run the business.
  • Compared to LLP, partnership firms can be registered easy, as there is no need for obtaining DSC, DIN, and Name Approval.
  • LLP registration fall into Central Government (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) laws while State Governments laws comprise Partnership registration

Know more about LLP Vs Partnership firm

Indian Partnership (Uttar Pradesh Amendment) Act, 2001

As per the rules of Indian Partnership (Uttar Pradesh Amendment) Act, 2001, a firm can be registered at any time not only at the time of its formation by subsequently filing an application with Registrar of Firms, office of Registrar. Partnership Firm registration has to be done in the State where the Partnership firm is situated or proposed to be situated.  Minimum 2 and maximum 19 members can form a partnership firm.

Before Registering the Firm

Before registering the partnership firm with the Registrar office, you have to verify that the proposed name of the firm is not similar to an existing company name or trademark or LLP name. If the firm registered with a similar name, it will lead to legal hassles in the future. Hence, it’s very important to do a name availability check and trademark search before registering the firm.

Do Company Name Availability Check

Do Trademark Search

Acceptable Name for Firm

After completing a name availability checks and trademark search, you have to consider below mentioned rules for selecting firm name.

  • Name of the firm must not be too identical or similar to the name of an existing partnership firm doing the similar business, if it’s same lead to confusion. The reputation of the firm may be injured, if the firm could adopt an allied name.
  • Firm name must not contain words like Crown, Emperor, Empress and Empire, words expressing the approval or sanction or patronage of the Government except when the State Government imply its assent in writing for the use of such words as a component of the firm name.

Create Partnership Deed

Partnership deed is a legal document which provides the rights and obligations of the members of the partnership firm. Partnership deed agreement has to be written while registering the firm.  Below mentioned characteristics are essential for partnership deed.

  • Name and Address of the firm
  • Nature of business
  • Name of the partners
  • Duration of Partnership (fixed period or project)
  • Date of Commencement of business
  • Profit sharing ratio among the partners
  • Capital contribution by each partner of firm

As per the rules of the Indian Stamp Act, Partnership deed to be typed on Non Judicial Stamp Paper mentioning share among partners, sleeping partner, working partner, account operator and Attested by Notary and Signature of the partners. All partners should have a copy of partnership deed.

Documents Required

Following documents need to be furnished for registering partnership firm in Uttar Pradesh.

  • Application form in Prescribed format
  • Partnership deed
  • Affidavit of acknowledgement of all the details mentioned and Attested by Notary
  • Address proof of the Office
  • Rent agreement from Owner of the house (If office is rented)
  • Residential address proof of all the partner (Notified by the GOI) with photo & self-attested
  • ID and Address Proofs of Partners
  • Photographs of all partners

Applicable Fee

Applicable fee for registering firm in Uttar Pradesh is tabulated here.

S.No Service Fee
1 Firm registration Rs. 5000
2 Inspection fee of the letter Rs.50
3 Validated copy fee for normal rate (per page) Rs.30
4 Verified copy (per page) Rs.60
5 Highly charged rate of verified copy Rs.90

Partnership Firm Registration Application

The following is the partnership firm registration application in Uttar Pradesh.  Two Copies of application form to be submitted along with details of Partners of the firm (Name, Age, and Address) along with all other documents to District Deputy Registrar Office where Head Office is located.


Register Partnership Firm Online through UPRFSC

For registering partnership firm online though UPRFC portal follow the guidelines given here in detail.

Step 1: Access the home page of UPRFSC

Step 2: Click on “Apply for the firms/ Society online registration” link shown on the top of the main page.

Image 1 Uttar Pradesh Partnership Firm Registration
Image 1 Uttar Pradesh Partnership Firm Registration

Note: Applicant must be one of the partners of firm to register the firm.

User ID Creation

Step 3: By clicking on the page you will be redirected to user creation page, in this page furnish all mandatory details such as Name, DOB, Gender, Address, Mobile number and mail id.

Image 2 Uttar Pradesh Partnership Firm Registration
Image 2 Uttar Pradesh Partnership Firm Registration

Step 4: After entering all data click on submit button provided at end of the page. You will get a system generated user name and password. The same will also be sent to your mobile and email address.

Image 3 Uttar Pradesh Partnership Firm Registration
Image 3 Uttar Pradesh Partnership Firm Registration

Login to the Portal

Step 5: Now login to the UPRFSC portal using the username and password provided. After logging in, you can able to launch an application for partnership firm registration by clicking on the application link.

Image 4 Uttar Pradesh Partnership Firm Registration
Image 4 Uttar Pradesh Partnership Firm Registration

Provide Firm Details

Step 6: Provide following details in the application form.

  • Name of the partnership firm
  • Address of the firm
  • Other information related to firm

Provide Partners details

Step 7: The UPRFSC system can accept four categories of partners, namely:

  • Normal partner
  • Minor partner
  • Power of attorney and company

Based on the type selected, you have to provide partners details such as name, age, gender, guardian details, address, mobile number, etc must be provided in the form. Click on the add partner button to add all partners in the firm.

Upload documents

Step 8: All supporting documents have to be uploaded in the space provided. After submitting partner details and uploading required documents, you have to provide branch details.

Provide Branch Details

Step 9: Add the details of other branches of the firm by clicking on Add Business Place button, if applicable. 

Make Payment

Step 10: After entering the business place information, applicant can make online payment for registering partnership firm. Payment can be made through the following modes: 

  • e-Payment
  • Cash payment
  • Money order

Select the payment mode and click submit button to initiate payment.

Get acknowledgement slip

Step 11: After payment, you will receive an acknowledgement slip with confirmation message and reference number.

Note: Keep the registration number safe for future reference. The details will also send to the registered mobile number.

Verification by Patalsahayak

Step 12: Application will be forwarded online patalsahayak level of related District. Patalsahayak will verify the all supporting documents of application. If Application found correct then Patalsahayak will forward application to Dept/Asst. Registrar of related division.

Approach Dept/Asst. Registrar

Step 13: On given date applicant have to present in front of dept/Asst. Registrar of related Division office with original copy of uploaded documents.

Verification by Dept/Asst. Registrar

Step 14: Concerned Dept/Asst Registrar will verify the documents and Approval issue certificate.

Download Certificate

Step 15: If the registration application was successful, the applicant can download the digitally signed application by login to the portal. Click on print option to download Partnership firm registration certificate.

For Rejected Application

In case, the application is rejected, an intimation Email/SMS will be sent. The application will be made available in the UPRFSC account. The registered person can view the rejected application by login into UPRFSC and resubmit the application after rectifying defect.