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Maharashtra Property Registration

Maharashtra Property Registration

Maharashtra Property Registration

In India, it is mandatory to register all property transactions as per the provisions of the  Registration Act, 1908. The transfer of immovable assets has to be recorded to obtain the rights of the property on the execution date of the deed. The Department Registration and Stamp is liable for property registration in the State of Maharashtra. In this article, we look at the procedure for Maharashtra property registration in detail.

Section 25 of the Maharashtra Registration Act

As per the Section 25 of the Maharashtra Registration Act, the document expected for registering a property deed has to be furnished within four months from the date of property registration to the respective Registrar officer. In case of violating on preceding, a fine imposed to ten times of the value of property registration fee will be remitted in such case of property registration.

Benefits of Property Registration

The following advantages can be performed by registering the property deed.

  • To provide a guarantee of the genuineness of the deed.
  • To ensure avoidance of frauds, conservation of evidence, the transfer of title to the owner.
  • To afford publicity for transactions.
  • To manage an up to day public record by registering a property.
  • To afford the ability to determine whether the property has already been sold.
  • To produce security of title deeds and to prove titles in case the original deeds are lost or destroyed.

Eligibility Criteria

As per the provisions under Section 32 of the Registration Act, 1908 deals with the terms representing the presenting of documents for registration by a person. The document which is to be registered under the prerequisites of the Act has to be presented at the respective registration office by the concerned person or the representative or by the authorised agent as stated in Section 33 of the Registration Act, 1908.

Documents Required

To register a property in the state of Maharashtra, the documents are to be furnished along with the application are as follows:

  • Aadhar card.
  • Passport-size of both seller and buyer.
  • Verified copy of the original old sale deed.
  • Copy of No objection certificate under the land ceiling Act.
  • Copy of the latest property register card
  • Copy of Municipal tax bill.
  • Construction completion certificate
  • Recorded agreement between the builder and original purchaser of the building initially.

Stamp Duty Fee in Maharashtra

The stamp duty is the rate of the transaction amount imposed by the state government, on every registered sale. Stamp duty rates for various transactions in Maharashtra are given below.

S.No Categories of Documents Stamp Duty


relating to shares & securities.

relating to purchase or sale of bullion.

Development Rights Agreement


0.005% of the value of the security.

0.005% of the value of gold or silver.

Same as in the event of a Conveyance as on the market value

2. Composition Deed Rs.500.

Conveyance (on the true market value)

Movable Property.

Immovable Property

Within the Municipal limits of any Municipal area.

Within the limits of any  Panchayat/ Municipal Council of any municipal area within MMRDA.

Within the limits of any Gram Panchayat.






Rs.500 of Market Value.

5% of the market value of the property.


4% of the market value of the property.





3% of the market value of the property.

The same duty as on a conveyance but on the market value of that property which has a higher cost.
5. Gift The same duty as on conveyance. In case of a gift to the spouse, brother, sister, lineal ascendants or descendants.
6. Indemnity Bond Rs.500

Power of Attorney

For the sole purpose of registration.

For suits in small causes court.

For acting in an individual transaction to one or more person.

For performing in more than one transaction or normally to one person.

For performing in one or more transactions or usually to one or more persons.















where there is the disposition of property for the charitable or ethical reason.



2% of the sum paid or the market value of the property.


Surrender of Lease

without consideration

with consideration






The similar duty as on a conveyance on the amount of consideration.

10. Cancellation Rs.500
11. Attorney(attestation, etc., by Notary Public) Rs.25

Registration Fee in Maharashtra

The property Registration charges for various transactions in Maharashtra is represented here for reference.

Procedure for Registering a Property

To register a deed or property in Maharashtra, follow the process below:

Visit  Sub-Registrar Office

Step 1: Kindly visit the Sub-Registrar office to collect the application form for property registration.

Collect Application Form

Step 2: Now complete the application form with the appropriate details without any errors which are related to the property such as

  • Document details
  • Details of parties
  • Property details
  • Receive Application Form

Complete the Application Form

Step 3: After completing the application form give the presentation of documents for property registration along with the duly filled application form to the nearby Registrar office.

Verification Process

Step 4: Then the verifying process will be processed by the Sub-Registrar.

Step 5: Then the applicant has to provide payment of prescribed registration charges in the cash counter.

Process the Payment

Step 6: After making the payment, the applicant will be provided with the e-Stamp.

Step 7:  Next step will be the recording the photo and fingerprint of the applicant.

Issuance of Registration Number

Step 8: The sanctioning authority of the Sub-Registrar will issue the registration number as the confirmation.

Step 9: Then the registration deed will be affixed with seals and signature of the sub-registrar.

Acknowledgement Receipt

Step 10: You will be provided with the receipt as the confirmation of registration, the applicant has to produce the receipt to the Sub-Registrar office at

Step 11: Then the recorded documents will be scanned, and finally the registered documents will be granted by the concerned authority of the Sub-Registrar office in the booked appointment time along with the copy of the generated report and appointment slip.

Note: Submit the printed appointment slip along with the above-mentioned mandatory document to the same Sub Registrar Office on the day and time of your scheduled appointment slot.

Then after verifying of your documents proposed of the registered title deed, one needs to apply for Municipal Authority seeking mutation of the title of the property.

Processing Time

The entire process of property registration in Maharashtra will be completed, and the certified copy of the registered document will be issued within forty-five from the date of application received.