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Guide to Copyright Registration Cost Slabs in India

Copyright Registration Cost

Guide to Copyright Registration Cost Slabs in India

Copyright registration is crucial for creators looking to safeguard their intellectual property. Governed by copyright laws, the registration process is typically overseen by the copyright office in India. The costs associated with copyright registration vary and are influenced by many factors. Fees can range from nominal to more substantial sums, depending on copyright authorities’ specific requirements and regulations. This article will give you detailed insights into the Copyright registration process, including a breakdown of the associated costs.

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What is Copyright?

Copyright is a legal concept that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights to its use and distribution, usually for a limited time, to enable the creator to receive compensation for their intellectual investment. This legal protection applies to a wide range of creative, academic, or artistic forms or “works,” including:

  • Literary Works: Books, articles, and other written works.
  • Artistic Works: Paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, and other visual arts.
  • Musical Works: Compositions, songs, and musical scores.
  • Dramatic Works: Plays, scripts, and screenplays.
  • Audiovisual Works: Films, videos, and television programs.
  • Architectural Works: Design and architectural plans.

The protection granted by Copyright includes the exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, display, perform, and create derivative works based on the original work.

What is Copyright Registration?

Copyright Registration is a pivotal process that establishes the rightful ownership of original works. Governed by the Copyright Act of 1957, this registration empowers creators to safeguard their creations, symbolized by the iconic copyright symbol, ©.

Through this process, creators submit their work to a government authority, such as the Copyright Office, which issues a certificate confirming the registration. This certificate serves as concrete evidence of ownership, strengthens legal protection, and facilitates the enforcement of exclusive rights. Copyright registration also provides a public record, notifying the public and potential users that the work is protected.

Benefits of Copyright Registration:

Copyright registration indeed offers numerous benefits to creators. Here are some key advantages:

  • Enhanced Legal Protection: Enables more effective enforcement of exclusive rights against unauthorized use or reproduction.
  • Proof of Ownership: Provides concrete evidence of ownership and crucial documentation in legal disputes.
  • Public Notice: Works become part of the public record, notifying the public and potential users about the protected status of the creative work.
  • Statutory Damages and Attorney’s Fees: In certain jurisdictions, registered works may be eligible for statutory damages and attorney’s fees in legal proceedings.
  • International Protection: Facilitates enforcement of rights in other countries through international treaties and agreements.
  • Timestamped Record: Creates a timestamped record of the work, establishing a clear timeline of its creation.
  • Prerequisite for Lawsuits: In some jurisdictions, registration is a prerequisite for filing a lawsuit, enhancing the legal recourse available to creators.
  • Marketability: The cost of copyright registration varies based on different categories of creative works. Here is a comprehensive list of categories, along with their associated costs for copyright registration in India:

Copyright Registration Cost

The fee for copyright registration can be paid through various methods, including postal order, demand draft, or online payment. The payment should be made payable to the “Registrar of Copyrights, New Delhi. Below is the official fee structure provided by the corporate office for your reference:

S.No. For an application for COMPULSORY LICENSE : Fee
1. For a license to republish a Literary, Dramatic, Musical or Artistic work (Sections 31, 31A,31B* and 32A) Rs. 5,000/- per work
2. For a license to communicate any work to the public by Broadcast(Section 31(1)(b)) Rs. 40,000/- per applicant/per sataton
3. For the license to republish a Cinematograph Film (Section 31) Rs. 15,000/- per work
4. For a license to republish a sound recording (Section 31) Rs. 10,000/- per work
5. For a license to perform any work in public (Section 31) Rs. 5,000/- per work
6. For a license to publish or communicate to the public the work or translation (Section 31A) Rs. 5,000/- per work
7. For a license to publish any work in any format valid for the person with a disability (Section 31 B) Rs. 2,000/- per work
8. For an application for a license to produce and publish a translation of a Literary or Dramatic work in any Language  (Section 32 & 32-A ) Rs. 5,000/- per work
9. For an application for registration or Copyright in a:
(a)Literary, Dramatic, Musical or Artistic work Rs. 500/- per work
(b)Provided that in respect of a Literary or Artistic work which is used or is capable of being used about any goods or services (Section 45) Rs. 2,000/- per work
10. For an application for change in particulars of Copyright entered in the Register of Copyrights in respect of a:
(a)Literary, Dramatic, Musical or Artistic work Rs. 200/- per work
(b)Provided that in respect of a literary or Artistic work which is used or is capable of being used to any goods or services (Section 45) Rs. 1,000/- per work
11. For an application for registration of Copyright in a Cinematograph Film (Section 45) Rs. 5,000/- per work
12. For an application for registration of change in particulars of Copyright entered in the Register of Copyrights in respect of Cinematograph film (Section 45) Rs. 2,000/- per work
13. For an application for registration of Copyright in a Sound Recording (Section 45) Rs. 2,000/- per work
14. For an application for registration of changes in particulars of Copyright entered in the Register of Copyrights in respect of Sound Recording (Section 45) Rs. 1,000/- per work
15. For taking extracts from the indexes (Section 47) Rs. 500/- per work
16. For taking extracts from the Register of Copyrights (Section 47). Rs. 500/- per work
17. For a certified copy of an extract from the Register of Copyrights of the indexes (Section 47) Rs. 500/- per copy
18. For a certified copy of any other public document in the custody of the Register of Copyright or Secretary of the Copyright Board Rs. 500/- per Copy
19. For an application for prevention of importation of infringing copies (Section 53) per place of entry Rs. 1,200/- per work

Note: Charges for republishing and altering the copyrighted work will vary. The costs are subject to change based on the category of the creation. Additionally, suppose the applicant chooses to enlist the services of a professional for copyright registration. In that case, the professional will impose an additional fee in addition to the government fees.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Copyright Registration

Several factors influence the cost of Copyright Registration, and understanding these elements is crucial for creators seeking to protect their intellectual property. Here are key factors that contribute to the variation in registration expenses:

Nature of Copyrighted Material

The complexity and documentation requirements of the copyrighted material significantly impact the registration cost. Some works may entail minimal documentation and expenses, while others, with more incredible intricacies, may incur higher costs.

Categories of Work

Works are classified as artistic, music, cinematography, software, literary, and sound recording. Each category has distinct characteristics, and the registration charges vary accordingly. This classification aids in determining the nature of the work and the associated costs.

Geographical Location

Copyright Registration fees can differ based on the geographical location of the applicant. Each country has its own copyright laws, processes, and fee structures. Some countries impose higher government fees than others, contributing to variations in the overall cost.

Mode of Registration

The choice between Offline and Online registration modes affects the cost of Copyright Registration. While online registration is more convenient and may have lower fees, specific works may necessitate physical submission, potentially incurring higher expenses. The mode of registration is a critical factor influencing the overall cost.

Professional Consultation

Engaging the services of a professional for Copyright Registration can influence the overall cost. Professionals may charge additional fees for their expertise and assistance throughout registration. Creators should consult with professionals to determine the most suitable approach for their work.

Understanding these factors enables creators to make informed decisions regarding registering their creative works, ensuring optimal protection within their budget constraints.

Copyright Registration Process in India

Copyright Registration Process in India is explained below:

Copyright Filing

Initiating the copyright registration process involves submitting a comprehensive application with the necessary details and documents. Following this, the copyright owner must await a mandatory 30-day period during which any objections to the claim can be filed with the Copyright office.


If an objection is raised within this timeframe, an additional month may be required to assess whether the work can be officially registered. The Registrar of Copyrights facilitates this process, allowing both parties to present their perspectives.


Without objections during the stipulated period, the application undergoes formal examination. During this phase, an Examiner may raise objections or request additional documents as needed. The copyright applicant is then required to respond to any objections or examination reports within 30 days.


Upon overcoming objections to the satisfaction of the Copyright Office, a Copyright registration certificate is issued. This official document solidifies the copyright protection for the creative work.

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