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GHMC Trade License

All businesses operating within the jurisdiction of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) must obtain a trade license. In this article, we look at the process of obtaining a GHMC trade license

Hyderabad Trade License

Hyderabad trade license from the GHMC must be obtained by all businesses operating in Hyderabad within 30 days of commencing activity. GHMC has a turn around time of sanctioning any GHMC trade license application within 7 days from the application, provided the application was complete in all respects at the time of their submission, and there is no further information or query pending.

GHMC Trade License Authority

The authority for the grant of the GHMC trade license would vary based on the category of the establishment. For eating and medical establishments, the Dy. Commissioner is the approval authority and Asst. Medical Officer of Health in the field inspection authority.

For non-eating and non-medical establishments, the Zonal Commissioner is the approval authority, and the License Officer of GHMC is the field inspection authority.

For petty establishments, the Dy. Commissioner is the approval authority and Asst. The license Officer of GHMC is the field inspection authority.

For meat, chicken, and veterinary trades, the Chief Veterinary Officer is the approval authority, and Veterinary Officer is the field inspection authority.

GHMC Trade License Fee

The government fee for obtaining a GHMC trade license is as follows:

No of Lanes Road Width Rate per Square Feet Maximum Amount
1 Single Lane 20 Feet Rs. 3 Rs. 10,000
2 Double Lane 30 Feet Rs. 4 Rs. 50,000
3 Multiple Lane >30 Feet Rs. 6 Rs. 2,00,000
4 Star Hotels, Corporate Hospitals >30 Feet Rs. 6 Rs. 2,50,000

Documents Required for GHMC Trade License

GHMC has recently simplified the list of documents required for obtaining a trade license in Hyderabad. Now, the following documents are sufficient to obtain Hyderabad Trade License:

  • Aadhaar Card – Individual
  • PAN or Incorporation Certificate – Business
  • Lease Deed or Legal Occupancy

Procedure for Obtaining GHMC Trade License

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has introduced various online and offline modes for obtaining a trade license in Hyderabad. Some of the popular methods are:

Online GHMC Trade License Application Process

On submission of the trade license application along with the documents required and trade license fee, a provisional trade license will be issued on the spot. Thereafter, a field verification would be completed by the approval authority, as mentioned above. On completion of field verification, if the business has complied with all the norms of bye-laws, the final TIN generated certificate will be issued by GHMC.

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