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eSeva – Telangana


eSeva – Telangana

eSeva is an online service that fulfils the demands of citizens redefining the way services were provided earlier. Eseva was launched in 2001 and e-centres were opened as the one-stop source providing Government information and services online to its citizens. In this era of e-governance, the Government of Telangana has taken a large number of initiatives to improve the delivery of services and also simplify the process of accessing those using futuristic technologies. From a citizen-centric view, sustained efforts have been made by the Telangana Government to improve citizen services as well as ensure excellent governance.

Meeseva Vs Eseva:

Meeseva is e-governance depicted as ‘At your service’ in Telugu. It offers a range of public services to citizens and business people of all level.  The objective of Meeseva is to provide various G2C and G2B services using facilitated technology.

Eseva, on the other hand, is implemented on a public-private partnership model where it imparts various G2C and B2C services on demand. Along with the public sector, the private sector will play a significant role in accomplishing the vision of bringing services closer to home.

*G2C – Government to Citizens

G2B – Government to Business

B2C – Business to Citizens

Objective of eSeva:

The ultimate purpose of the Government of Telangana in implementing eSeva is, to execute its vision of ‘providing quick governance and services on demand’ and ‘digitally empowering its citizens’ using technological advancements. Also, it believes in extending the benefits of IT to the last person in the society.

Features of eSeva:

  • It is an integrated approach – Combination of State and Central Government departments offering integrated services at one stop.
  • Citizen-friendly – There are no jurisdiction limits that any citizen can avail the service at any Eseva centre at an affordable cost.
  • Scalable and efficient – It has a well-organized system provided with printers, internet access to handle the processes.
  • Safe and reliable – The information provided and the transactions done are secured.
  • Time-consuming – Instead of spending time in queues and going from department to department, multiple services are furnished under a single window.

Services of  eSeva:                         

It involves online services such as e-filling, e-forms, and e-payments. The payments can be made by cash, cheque, DD, credit card or the Internet. Some of the G2C and B2C services are:


  • Registration of births or deaths
  • Issue of birth or death certificates
  • Registration Department: Issue of encumbrance certificates *
  • Issuance of Caste or Nativity Certificates *

Downloading of GO forms:

The applicant can download various government forms. To download any government form click here.

Government orders:

To know about any government orders, click here.


Eseva G.o.

Though there isn’t any mandatory field, for quick search enter the required search attributes.

Internet Services

  • Internet-enabled electronic payments
  • Downloading of forms and Government Orders (GOs)
  • Filing of applications on the web
  • Receipt of complaints or requests in connection with citizen services *

Transport Department Services (available at Banjara Hills Center only)

  • Change of address of a vehicle owner
  • Transfer of ownership of a vehicle
  • Issue of learners’ licenses
  • Issue or renewal of driving licenses (non-transport vehicles).
  • Registration of new vehicles


  • Reservation of APSRTC bus tickets
  • HMWSSB: Reservation of water tanker
  • Tourism: Reservation of tickets or accommodation *

Permits or Licences

  • Medical and Health Department: Renewal of Drug Licences *
  • Issue or renewal of trade licences

Labour Department

  • License New Registration
  • License Renewal

Police Services

  • Payment of Inquest or Panchanama fees
  • Payment for First Information Report
  • Payment for Post Mortem Report

Payment of Utility Bills

  • Electricity bills
  • Water and sewerage bills
  • Telephone bills (BSNL and TATA Tele Services)
  • Property Tax
  • Sales Tax

 B2C Services

  • ATM: Cash withdrawals and deposits *
  • ATM: Issue of statements of account *
  • Mutual Funds: Collection of applications *
  • Mutual Funds: Transfer of shares *
  • Cell Phone Bill Payments

Other Services at eSeva Centres

  • Sale of passport application forms
  • Receipt of passport applications
  • Receipt of applications for new telephone connections.*
  • Registration Department: Sale of non-judicial stamps
  • Registration Department: Document writing service *
  • Collection of small savings *

Note: *Services yet to be started

To access the services online, visit the official page,


In case of new registration, click register, enter the necessary details and click submit.

For payment of bills, click pay bill, enter the login-id and password after which the applicant can proceed with the service.

For other services, click official login and select the required service.

eSeva Centers

Apart from online services, the services are also rendered at various eSeva centres spread over the Twin Cities and Ranga  Reddy District. All service counters assist with an electronic queuing system.

To know about the eSeva centre nearby, visit the official page and click the eSeva centre’s option which displays a list of centres and its details.


Eseva centres operate from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm on all working days, and 9.00 am to 3.00 pm on holidays. Second Saturdays and Sundays are holidays.