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EPF Form 10D

EPF Form 10D

EPF Form 10D

Any employee registered under the Employees Provident Fund Organization is automatically enrolled for Employee’s Pension scheme. Under this scheme, all employees are eligible to claim pension after retirement at the age of 58 years. However, an employee can prefer for a reduced pension after 50 years at a discounted rate of 4% each year. Form 10D has to be filled by the registered employee for withdrawal of monthly pension. In this article, we look at the process of claiming a pension in detail.

Who is eligible to claim Pension?

Any of the following members can claim the pension are specified below.

  • Employee
  • Window or Widower
  • Major or Orphan
  • Guardian
  • Nominee
  • Dependent Parent

Type of Pension

The following are the kinds of pension can be availed by the beneficiaries are listed out.

Superannuation Pension – Superannuation pension can be claimed for the monthly pension on retirement at the age of 58 years

Reduced Pension –  Reduced pension can be claimed for the monthly pension at a discounted rate of 4% per annum from the age of 50 years.

Disablement Pension – Disablement pension can be claimed Early monthly pension amount due to permanent and total disablement

Widow and Children Pension – Widow and Children pension can be claimed for the monthly pension for the wife and children after the death of the employee.

Orphan Pension –Orphan pension can be claimed for monthly pension benefits for the surviving sons/daughters of the deceased employee up to their age of 25 years.

Nominee Pension – Nominee pension can be requested for the monthly pension for the nominee represented after the death of the employee in case there are no family members

Dependent Parent – Dependent Parent can be claimed for the monthly pension for dependent parents in case the employee dies without a family (spouse and children) or a nominee.

Documents Required

The specified documents are to be enclosed with EPF Form 10D are as follows:

  • Descriptive role of pensioner and his or her signature/Thumb impression (in duplicate).
  • Three copies passport size photographs.
  • In the case of permanent and total disablement, the employee should undergo an entire medical examination before the Medical Board designated by the EPFO. The appropriate reports have to be duly attached along with the form.
  • The establishment has to specify the certificate and wage particulars of the employee at the course of retirement or death.
  • In case the establishment is shut down, and no authorised officer is designated, the application has to be forwarded through anyone from the list of the magistrate, gazetted officer, bank manager or any other sanctioned officer as may be approved by the Commissioner.

Processing Time

The entire processing for settling the pension amount to the beneficiaries will be completed within thirty days from the date of its receipt submitted by the pensioner. If the commissioner fails to settle the claim without any proper reasons within thirty days, then the commissioner is liable for the delay, and the penalty will be imposed for such delay from the commissioner.

Application Procedure for Claiming Pension

To claim the pension amount using form 10D, follow the steps given below:

Visit EPFO Portal

Step 1: The applicant has to visit the official portal of Employee Provided Fund Organisation.

Download the form

Step 2: You can download the application (Form 10D) from the portal.

The Form 10D is reproduced below in the PDF format for quick reference.  


Complete the details

Step 3: The application form (Form10D) has to be duly filled by the applicant and get it certified by the authorised officer of the last establishment

Submit to EPFO office

Step 4: The employer then has to submit the form to the EPFO regional office

Attach the documents

Step 5: The required documents have to be enclosed at the time of furnishing the application form.

Verification of application

Step 6: The EPF officer validates the details and initiates the process of monthly pension disbursal in the account of the beneficiary under the Employees Pension Scheme.