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The Haryana Government has launched eBhoomi Portal Haryana also known as eLand portal to ensure the transparency in land deals in the State. The portal has been started for government projects that are developed by the Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC). With the online portal, the government can sell their lands without any struggles. The portal also assists the landlords for selling their lands to the State Government in simple procedures. Moreover, property registration systems can be simplified through this portal so that there is no necessity for citizens to approach the government offices. Lets us take a look at the features and benefits that are provided by the portal.

Objective of the Portal

The purposes of the eBhoomi Portal Haryana is given below.

  • A farmer before considering distress sale will be approved by the Government as a potential buyer for its projects.
  • The Government can elicit if some landowners are so keen about the benefits of a particular project that they would be willing to sell their land to Government.

Mode of Operation

The Government issues public information and advertisement within 30 days to purchase the land. The departments provide a tracking number that is used in tracking the landlord through the e-land portal. This innovative plan has prevented the farmers from the scarcity of land because the government is directly involved in the process.

Benefits of eBhoomi Portal Haryana

The following are the benefits of eBhoomi Portal Haryana.

  • The citizens can sell their land through this online portal.
  • The portal provides a hassle-free agreement with the government.
  • The citizens can sell their lands at reasonable costs.
  • By selling lands through this portal, the citizens can make the government hassle free.

Features of eBhoomi Portal Haryana

The characteristic features of the eBhoomi Portal Haryana are given below.

  • To make sure transparency in the land deals, the Haryana Chief Minister has launched this e-portal for the State.
  • The landowners can directly sell the land to the government.
  • The portal assists in maintaining accurate land data.
  • The portal facilitates the State Government to prepare its land bank.
  • In addition to this, the portal provides voluntary offers for the sale of land to the government by the landowners.
  • HSIIDC has developed e-portal for the buyer, seller and the government.
  • The system enables people to sit in their homes and work with different departments.
  • The landowners have an option to input details in Hindi and get an acknowledgement of the application via SMS and email.
  • Property registration, land sale and purchase of land can be made through this portal.
  • E-land portal is a transparent mechanism, and the Government will be considered as a potential partner to put an end to the land crises for the farmers.
  • The portal gives the landowners an opportunity to join the decision-making process, and the location sites for development projects and ensure hassle-free and purchase by the department.

Procedure to Sell/ Purchase Lands

Given below are the steps to sell or purchase lands using the E-Bhoomi Portal Haryana.

Step 1: Login to the Portal

The user has to login to the State Portal.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate option

The user can see various options in the homepage such as landowner login, land aggregator login, department login, land requirement and administration login. He/ she has to select the required option.

Step 3: Land Owner Login

The user then has to select the landowner login. Once this is done, the user is directed to a new page.

Step 4: Enter Mobile Number

In the new page, the user has to enter the mobile number.

Step 5: One Time Password

After entering the mobile number, the user receives an OTP to the registered phone number.

Step 6: Enter OTP

The user then has to enter the OTP in the appropriate column.

Step 7: Enter the Captcha Code

The user has to enter the captcha code from the given image.

Step 8: Online Application

On the completion of all these steps, an online application form appears on the screen.

Step 9: Enter the Details

The user has to enter the following details in the application form.

  • Name of the Applicant
  • Residential Address
  • Father’s Name
  • Contact Number
  • Aadhaar Card Number

Step 10: Upload the Documents

The user has to upload the latest copy of the bailout and the AKS of the land that is offered.

Step 11: Terms and Condition

After uploading all the documents, the user has to read the announcement and accept all the terms and conditions.

Step 12: Submit the Application

On duly completion of all these steps, the user has to submit the application.

Contact Details

The contact details for E-Bhoomi Portal Haryana is given below. The helpline contact is made available from 9 Am to 5 PM on all working days.

Mr. Ravindra Sahni, Senior Systems Analyst, HSIIDC

Plot number: C-13-14, Sector 6,

Panchkula -134109,

Haryana, India

Contact No: + 91-172-2590481, + 91-172-2590482

Inquiry: + 91-172-2590481, + 91-172-2590482, + 91-172-2590483

Fax: + 91-172-2590474

E-mail: [email protected]

CIN: U29199 HR 1967 SGC 034545

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