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Digital India is one of the flagship programs launched by the Government of India aiming to ensure that every citizen in the country is aware of the uses, rules, regulations and the ethics that have to be followed on the digital space, so as to have a great experience. Kicked off by the National e-Governance Division (NEGD), the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, DigiSevak is a platform that helps interested individuals to connect with the Government for various activities that are a part of the Digital India initiative. The platform aims to offer a system for end-to-end management of volunteering work. This article talks in detail about DigiSevak and its essentials.


DigiSevak is a volunteering platform that exists on the digital space for individuals who want to contribute towards the progress and success of the Government’s Digital India initiative. On this platform, various Government Departments/ Ministries and agencies can create tasks that are essential for the moment. Volunteers may choose tasks accordingly, based on their level of skills and their areas of interest. The platform looks forward to offering a complete execution of any volunteering tasks that would help in the progress of the Digital India program. This would include anything from the registration of volunteers, creation of roles, evaluation of tasks, all the way to rewards and recognition for the contribution put forward by the volunteers who stepped up.


The following are the objectives of the DigiSevak platform.

  • To offer a platform to the citizens of India in order to volunteer for the Digital India-related tasks and activities.
  • To offer the people with an opportunity to contribute to the success of the Digital India initiative by the Government of India by volunteering with their chosen interests and areas of skill.
  • To offer a platform to the Ministries and Agencies of the Government of India to find appropriate volunteers for the programme-related tasks and activities.
  • To create and spread mass awareness, focusing on the critical factors of the Digital India programme such as digital literacy, cyber hygiene, e-waste, MyGov platform, DigiLocker, and so on.
  • To offer appropriate rewards and to recognise the work done by the volunteers through relevant peer reviews, social media and a functional point-redeem system.


The following are the eligibility criterion that one must have to volunteer on the DigiSevak platform.

  • A minimum bachelor’s degree in any stream.
  • Must have organisational skills and strong proficiency in writing and speaking.
  • Should have ethical conduct and must not have any criminal record.
  • Vital IT skills such as Microsoft Office, Browsing, Email and Knowledge on prominent social media platforms.

NOTE: It is mandatory for every volunteer to specify personal information such as Name, Current Address, Mobile Number, Email Address, Educational Qualifications, and 2 or more Areas of Interest such as Awareness, Data Collection, Training, Collecting Feedback, Participation and Translation while registering themselves online.


Government Ministries and Agencies

The following Government Ministries and Agencies may use the DigiSevak platform.

  • Ministries/ Department of the Central Government implementing any project under the Digital India initiative and is on the look for volunteers.
  • Autonomous Organisations/ PSUs/ Agencies of the Central Government implementing any project under the Digital India programme and is on the look for volunteers.
  • Ministries/ Department of the State Governments implementing any project under Digital India and is on the look for volunteers.
  • International Organisations/ United Nations bodies looking for volunteers for Information Technology/ Digital Services projects.
  • Any other organisation having work relations with the Central Government and its Ministries and working on the vision of Digital India.


Any Indian citizen who is interested in contributing their talents and skills to the goals of the Digital India initiative through volunteering in their fundamental interests may use the DigiSevak platform. However, the volunteers must have the following characteristics:

  • Willing to spare and allocate time for the Digital India program.
  • Have minimum necessary skills like Emailing, Microsoft Office, Internet Browsing, and so on.
  • Display courteous behaviour during the digital, as well as physical communications.
  • Must have organisational skills and strong proficiency in writing and speaking.
  • Should be an individual of exemplary conduct.
  • Should have the knowledge of current trending social media platforms and smartphone usage.

Volunteering Tasks

  • Awareness Creation: Educating the public on the importance and the impact of Digital India along with cyber hygiene and digital literacy.
  • Data Collection: Collecting data from the public such as Villages, CSCs, RWAs and Students from schools, colleges and block offices.
  • Training: Training and motivating the people to take up courses on digital literacy.
  • Feedback Collection: Submitting feedback data at the portal after every outreach programme and activity of the Digital India initiative.
  • Participation: Participating in every Digital India outreach programmes.
  • Translation: Translating documents into English from various other Indian languages.


The following steps would be taken in order to manage the volunteers on the DigiSevak platform.


Registration of volunteers will be from all the sections of the community. Volunteers will be asked to complete a simple online registration form relevant to the role that they are applying for and to mention two references. Volunteers will receive a role description and a volunteer agreement. This would contain complete information concerning their selected area of work along with a clear idea of their responsibilities and the volunteer’s obligations to them.


Volunteers will be given an induction and 5-hour training on Digital India, eGovernance, Digital Literacy and other related subjects. The NIELIET will do the assessment of the volunteers.

Online Support

All correspondences with the volunteers will be executed through emails and an online volunteer management system. Support sessions will be provided to the volunteers, and the opportunity for ongoing dialogue about the progress of the volunteering role, and any advice and guidance as required would be offered.

Reward and Motivation Structure

As a token of appreciation for the efforts of the volunteers in the Digital India campaign, the following rewards will be made available for every individual who completes the respective duration of the campaign and has performed all the tasks assigned to them with diligence and enthusiasm.

Serial Number Duration (Hours) Stars Rewards
1 20 1
  • Acknowledgement certificate for participation as a Digital India volunteer.
2 50 2
  • Acknowledgement certificate for participation as a Digital India volunteer.
  • Opportunity to become a part of the future Digital India activities and events.
3 100 3
  • Acknowledgement certificate for participation.
  • Opportunity to become a part of the future Digital India activities and events.
  • Letter of Appreciation from a senior officer from DietY.
4 500 and more 4
  • Certificate of appreciation as a “Leader For Change” from a senior officer from DietY
  • Appreciation letter from a senior officer from DietY.
  • Opportunity to become a part of the future Digital India activities and events.
  • Outstanding Volunteers to lead a delegation of Digital India Volunteers to meet and interact with senior leaders in the Government.
  • Opportunity to become an intern at NeGD for a period of 3 months.

Registration Process

The following is the registration process that one should follow in order to volunteer as a part of DigiSevak.

Step 1: Log on to the DigiSevak webpage.

Step 1 - DigiSevak
Step 1 – DigiSevak

Step 2: Select the Register tab on the top right of the page.

Step 2 - DigiSevak
Step 2 – DigiSevak

Step 3: Select Volunteer Type as Individual or Organisation accordingly.

Step 4: Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Mobile Number, Password along with its confirmation, and lastly, Security Code.

Step 5: Click on the I pledge to icon to accept the terms and conditions displayed.

Step 6: After completing all the required information, click on the Submit icon.

Step 6 - DigiSevak
Step 6 – DigiSevak

Step 7: After you submit all the entered information, a verification mail and OTP will be sent to your registered email address and registered mobile number respectively.

Step 7 - DigiSevak
Step 7 – DigiSevak

Step 8: To verify your mobile number, enter the one-time password received via SMS. On entering the OTP, you will be verified and redirected to the DigiSevak dashboard.

Step 8 - DigiSevak
Step 8 – DigiSevak

Step 9: You may verify your email address later on. To check your email, just log in to your mailbox, click on the link sent by DigiSevak and get redirected to the Thank you page after a successful verification.

Step 9 - DigiSevak
Step 9 – DigiSevak