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CBDT expands Form 26AS Information List

CBDT expands Form 26AS Information List

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has expanded the Form 26AS information list to include more information such as off-market transactions, mutual fund purchases, foreign remittances, and more.  CBDT on October 26 issued an order under Section 285BB of the Income Tax Act expanding the scope of the information reported in new Form 26AS. This is aimed at helping the taxpayer file their returns correctly and assisting the department in detecting discrepancies in taxpayers’ returns.

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Synopsis of CBDT Notification

The income tax department will now provide full details of their financial transactions such as foreign remittances, purchase, and receipt of dividends on mutual funds and other off-market transactions reported by depositories in Form 26AS.

This information would be auto-populated in Form 26AS when the taxpayer is filing an income tax return.

The official order pertaining to the Form 26AS Information List is attached here for reference:


The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has expanded the

Form 26AS -Annual Information Statement

Form 26AS is an annual consolidated tax statement that can be accessed from the income-tax website by taxpayers using their Permanent Account Number (PAN).

The Budget 2020-21 had introduced a new Section 285BB in the Income Tax Act, to revamp Form 26AS to an ‘Annual Information Statement’ which apart from TDS/ TCS details, would contain comprehensive information of specified financial transactions, payment of taxes, demand/ refund and pending/completed proceedings undertaken by a taxpayer in a particular financial year that has to be mentioned in income tax returns.

Revised Form 26AS

Following that, in May last year, the CBDT had notified the revised Form 26AS, including information on high-value financial transactions undertaken during a financial year, a move which also facilitated voluntary compliance and ease of e-filing of I-T returns.

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With this October 26 order, the list of details to be available in Form 26AS has been expanded further.

The objective of Updating Form 26AS

The objective of updating the Form 26AS is to ensure voluntary compliance by taxpayers.

  • The taxpayers can identify incorrect information reflected in Form 26AS and take corrective action.
  • The tax authorities can compare the information reported by taxpayers in ITR with the information available in Form 26AS and identify mismatches if any.

Form 26AS – Updated Information List

The annual information statement (26AS), will now include the following features as well:

  • Foreign remittance information reported in Form 15CC
  • Information in Annexure-II of the 24Q TDS Statement of the last quarter
  • Information in ITR of another taxpayer
  • Interest on Income Tax Refund
  • Information in Form 61/61A where PAN could be populated
  • Off Market, Transactions Reported by Depository/ Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA)
  • Information about dividend of mutual fund reported by Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA)
  • Information about purchase of mutual fund reported by Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA)

Foreign Remittance Information

The Form 26AS will now report the Foreign remittance information as reported in Form 15CC.  Form 15CC is a quarterly statement to be furnished by an authorized dealer in respect of quarterly remittances.

  • As per Section 195 of the Income Tax act, every authorized dealer making a payment to a non-resident, not being a company or to a foreign company, is required to furnish a statement of such payments Form 15CC.
  • It is required to be furnished to the competent authority of the Income Tax Department electronically within fifteen days from the end of the quarter of the financial year to which such statement relates.

Information Related to Salary Income

The Form 26AS will now report the Information in Annexure-II of the 24Q TDS Statement of the last quarter.

  • Annexure-II for the 4th quarter of the TDS returns in Form No. 24Q contains the computation of salary income or total income as computed by the employer for deduction of income tax from the salary income of the employee.
  • Presently, from this order, the ITR is pre-filled for Salary Income. Henceforth, the employee can see the information in his Form 26AS.

Information from Other ITRs

There are many instances where a taxpayer is required to report the PAN of other persons with whom he has carried a transaction. Now, the information will reflect in the Form 26AS of the tenant/buyer.

Note: Information will come in Form 26AS only after the return ID is filed by the landlord/seller.

Interest on Income-tax Refund

The information related to income-tax refunds is already given in Form 26AS. Now, CBDT announced that the interest income of income tax refund will be given separately in Form 26AS.

Off-market Transactions

Off-market transactions of shares will be reported in Form 26AS as reported by the Registrar and Transfer agents.

Information related to Mutual Funds

Information related to dividends on Mutual Funds and purchase of mutual fund units as reported by the Registrar and Transfer agents shall be available in Form 26AS.

  • Presently, the purchase of mutual fund units over Rs. 10 Lakh is reported in Form 26AS.
  • Now, all the purchases of mutual funds, irrespective of any amount, shall be reported in Form 26AS.

Other Announcement of CBDT

In order, the CBDT said that it is authorizing the Director-General of Income Tax (Systems) to upload additional information in their possession in the annual information statement in form 26AS in the electronic filing account registered by the assessee in the designated portal, within three months from the end of the month in which the information is received.