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Bihar Ration Card


Bihar Ration Card

Bihar ration card is an official document issued by the State Government of Bihar. One of the important benefits of a Bihar ration card is that it enables the holder to obtain subsidized food commodities from the State Government. In this article, we look at the benefits, eligibility, required documents and application procedure of Bihar Ration Card in detail.

Types of Bihar Ration Cards

There are three types in Bihar Ration Cards, as mentioned below:

Above Poverty Line (APL):  The Government will issue APL ration card to the people living above the poverty line.

Below Poverty Line (BPL): The Government will issue BPL ration card to the people living below the poverty line.

Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) Cards: The Government will issue Antyodya Anna Yojana (AAY) cards to the economically weakest section of the societies.

Benefits of Ration card

The Public Distribution System (PDS) of the State Government of Bihar provides basic needs such as Grains, Food Products, Edible Oil, Kerosene, etc. to the families of Ration Cardholders for subsidized rates. Moreover, the ration card is an essential tool for identification. One can have a copy of Ration Card as proof of identification while applying for other documents like marriage certificate, domicile certificate, etc.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria to apply for a new ration card in Bihar is below:

  • The applicant should be a resident of the State of Bihar.
  • The applicant must not be in possession of a ration card.
  • Couples who recently got married in Bihar can apply.

Required Documents

The applicant should submit the following documents along with the application form:

Note:- The passport-sized photographs of the head of the family should be attested by a gazetted officer/MLA/MP/Municipal Councillor.

Application procedure

The applicant can apply through the following steps given below to obtain a new Ration Card in Bihar State.

Step 1: Visit the nearest Circle Office/S.D.O. The office where you can obtain the application form for the Ration Card.

Step 2: Fill up the application form properly and attach all required documents.

Step 3: After filling the form, submit it to the same office.

Note:- After the submission of the application, the applicant will be given an acknowledgement number. It is essential to track or demand in the Circle office/S.D.O. Office after submitting the application to the officers. The concerned authority will issue the Ration Card within 15 days from the date of application.