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Completely managed GST registration service until obtaining GSTIN with Expert Support and 1 year LEDGERS accounting software.

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Temporary GST Registration In Goa

Temporary GST registration in Goa is necessary for a casual taxable person irrespective of the annual turnover. A temporary GST registration in Goa is to be initiated 5 days before undertaking the business. The application for obtaining the casual taxable person's registration in Goa is to be made in Form GST REG 01.

How to obtain GST registration as a casual taxable person in Goa?

GST registration for a casual taxable person is mandatory, it is not based on the average annual turnover. But a taxpayer who is registered as a Casual taxable person in Goa cannot opt for the composition scheme under the Goods and the Service Tax Act.

Detailed process to obtain Temporary GST registration Goa?

Advance tax payment by the casual taxpayer: The taxpayer is required to make an advance payment of the amount of the tax that is equivalent to the liability of the tax (estimated). An acknowledgment should be made by the applicant in GST REG 02 once he is depositing the amount. The casual taxable person can also make the supplies only the registration certificate is obtained.

Filing Returns: Just like a regular taxpayer a casual taxable person who is registered under the GST is also required to file the monthly and the quarterly returns in Forms GDSTR 1 and GSTR 3B.

Registration certificate’s validity: The temporary GST registration in Goa is valid only for 90 days from the day it is effective or the day of registration whichever is earlier. The taxpayer can also seek an extension on the registration certificate by making an advance payment of the deposit of the tax that is equivalent to the estimated tax liability.

Advance-deposit refund: The temporary GST registration holder is eligible to get a refund of the tax deposit that is made by him after the tax liability is adjusted. The balance advance tax is refunded only after the refunds are filed.

Conditions for the extension of temporary GST Registration

  • An applicant is required to have a valid registration as a casual or a nonresident taxable person.
  • The extension application has to be prepared before the expiry of the valid registration.
  • The casual taxpayer is required to pay the amount in advance against the estimated tax liability then only he will be able to extend the Temporary GST Registration in Goa.
  • The taxpayer is required to furnish all the returns that are due before he is applying for an extension.


No, a Casual taxable person under GST in Goa cannot opt for a composition scheme.
An application for registering as a Casual taxable person in Goa should be made at least five days before commencing with the business.
The registration certificate that is issued to the casual taxable person in Goa is valid for the 90 days from the effective registration date or the period that is specified in the application (whichever is earlier)
GST registration under casual taxable in Goa can be made using Form GST REG-01