Gst Return Filing In Guwahati

Why choose IndiaFilings to file the GST returns in Guwahati?

Dedicated GST advisor:At IndiaFilings we assign a relationship manager with experience in the sector that you operate in. The assigned RM will help in specific tasks such as uploading the invoices and also ensure that the filing is taken care of on time.

Reminder to file the GST returns:We ensure that timely reminders are sent well in advance beyond which the penalty is applicable. In addition to this, the GST advisor will also remind you about the deadlines so that no deadlines are missed.

Monthly GST Status reports: Detailed Monthly reports of the status of the GST return filing in Guwahati including the GSTR 3B Filing and the way forward will be shared with the clients by our GST experts.

GST returns by the Ledgers: The GST returns are created using the LEDGERS- the GST software so that it is error-free and is filed seamlessly without any hassles.

GSTR 1 and GSTR 3B filing: GSTR 1 is a return filed every quarter. The turnover determines the due dates for filing GSTR 1, the business with sales of up to Rs.1.5 crore can file the quarterly returns.

Standard accounting and cloud records:All of the financial transactions and the invoices are recorded in LEDGERS by the accountants so that the filing of all the returns is seamless and cost-effective.

What is input tax credit reconciliation?

Input tax reconciliation mechanism has enabled the business to benefit to achiever neutrality in the incidence of tax and also ensure that such input tax element does not enter into the cost of the production of the cost of the supply of goods and services.

What are the penalties, late fees, and interest rates for failure to furnish GST return in Guwahati?

If any offenses are committed then a penalty is to be paid under the GST Act.

Late filing of GST returns in Guwahati - Late filing the GST returns in Guwahati can attract a penalty called the late fees. A penalty of Rs.100 under CGST and Rs.100 under SGST accounts for Rs. 200 per day. With the late fee interest of 18% has to be paid per annum. It is calculated on the tax which is to be paid.

Non-compliance - In case the taxpayer is not filing the GST returns then the subsequent returns cannot be filed. Hence, to avoid the penalties file the GST returns in Guwahati on time as it will lead to cascading effect.

For 21 offenses with no intention of fraud or tax evasion - An offender who is not paying the taxes or is making the short payment is required to pay a penalty of 10% of the amount of the tax due subject to a minimum of Rs. 10,000.

For 21 offenses with the intention of tax fraud or tax evasion - An offender is subject to a penalty amount of the tax evasion or the short deducted.

Even when there is no business the taxpayer is required to file the NIL GST returns in Guwahati.

Gst Return Filing In Guwahati FAQ's

How to often do we file GST returns in Guwahati?

GST returns in Guwahati are filed on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis by the persons or the entities that are registered under GST. For assesses that have to comply with the auditing requirements, the GST reconciliation statement should be duly certified by a CA.

How to file GSTR1 returns in Guwahati?

GSTR1 returns in Guwahati can be filed online on the GST portal. GSTR1 returns filing can also be done using LEDGERS GST software.

Is there any time limit for GST return rectification in Guwahati?

GST returns can be rectified by the taxpayer until September following the financial year to which the details or furnishing of the relevant annual return is done (whichever happens earlier).

What is the time limit for filing GSTR 1 in Guwahati?

GSTR1 filing in Guwahati is usually done on the 10th of every month.

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