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Incorporation of Section 8 Company including GST and Current account opening.

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Section 8 Company Registration In Karnataka

The main motive of registering a Section 8 Company in Karnataka is to promote Non-profit objectives such as trade, commerce, arts, charity, education, religion, environmental protection, social welfare, sports, research, etc. To incorporate a Section 8 Company in Karnataka, a minimum of two directors are required. Also, there is no requirement of minimum paid-up capital in the case of Section 8 company.

A nonprofit organization can be registered under the Registrar of the societies or as a Non-profit company as Section 8 Company in Karnataka under the Section 8 Company Act, 2013.

Who can apply for registering Section 8 Company in Karnataka?

An individual or group of individuals can apply for registering a Section 8 Company in Karnataka if it has the intentions that are mentioned below.

  • If the Company intends to promote science, commerce, education, arts and sports, research, charity, social welfare, protection of the environment, or the other objectives.
  • If the company has an intention to invest all the profits or the income that is generated after the incorporation in the promotion of such objectives only;
  • When the company is not intending to pay any dividends to the members.

What are the features of registering a Section 8 Company in Karnataka?

  • Distinct legal entity: Section 8 Company in Karnataka is a separate legal entity and is different from the members. The Company has perpetual existence. They have greater flexibility to align with the organized operations.
  • Zero stamp duty: A Section 8 company registered in Karnataka is exempted from the requirement of paying their stamp duty on the MOA and AOA which is applicable for the other business entities.
  • No minimum capital requirement: There is no minimum capital limit that has been mentioned for the Section 8 Companies that are registered in Karnataka. The Section 8 Company in Karnataka can be formed without any capitaL. The fund that is necessary for carrying on operations can be brought in later in the form of donations or subscriptions from the members and the general public.
  • No audit report: For the Section 8 companies that are registered in Karnataka there is no need for the company to carry on the company's auditor report.
  • Tax benefits: The Section 8 companies registered in Karnataka have been granted various tax benefits.
  • Credibility: The Section 8 Companies that are registered in Karnataka are more reliable than other forms of charitable organizations. The sECTION 8 Companies are governed by the Companies Act.
  • EXemption to the donorS: The individuals donating to the Section 8 Company are eligible for the tax exemptions u/s 12 A and 80 G of the income tax act.
  • Membership: A registered partnership firm can become a member in the individual's capacity and become a Director.


To incorporate a section 8 company in Karnataka a minimum of 8 people are required.
Any individual who is above 18 years of age can register a section 8 company in Karnataka. There is no limitation when it comes to citizenship or residence hence, a person who is a non-resident Indian can also register a Section 8 company.
With India Filings section 8 company registration in Karnataka can be done online, all you need to do is upload the relevant documents on our portal.
We can register your section 8 company in Karnataka within 20-30 days, to ensure a speedy process all you need to do is submit the documents properly and stay in touch with our advisors.