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Unnati Scheme in Karnataka

Unnati Scheme

Unnati Scheme – Karnataka

As so rightly voiced by our Honorable Prime Minister, India’s development hinges on business ventures. These ventures can only be established and operated with ample capital and managerial assistance. The Karnataka Government, with the object of catering to the youths driven towards entrepreneurship, came up with the idea of a scheme known as Unnati. Under the initiative, the Chief Minister of Karnataka is set to financially assist prospective owners of start-ups. In this article, we look at the various provisions connected with Unnati scheme in Karnataka.

Founding Objective

Borrowing the words of Karnataka’s Social Welfare Minister, the scheme is developed with a renewed focus on entrepreneurship, sustainable development, and social welfare by identifying, mentoring and promoting budding entrepreneurs belonging to the SC/ST community.

On the whole, the scheme is aimed at improving the welfare of the SC/ST community, providing a remedy to the issues concerning them, availing the services of the youth for development of the rural habitats, and creating job and self-employment opportunities.

Salient Features of the Scheme

  • The scheme is developed for offering financial assistance to candidates with innovative business ideas. Sustainability and rural development are considered as key objectives.
  • The products and solutions offered by the organizations are utilized towards the betterment of people residing in the rural habitats.
  • The State Government will provide a sum of Rs. 50 lakhs to the chosen owners of enterprises.
  • The Government has extended the scheme to Adivasi and Dalit individuals.
  • The Government will shortlist and categorize the beneficiaries, who in-turn are required to make venture plans with a long-term objective.
  • The tech-based ideas will be aimed at solving the issues witnessed in the rural locales, which includes the likes of waste disposal, health, education, among other domains.

Targeted Beneficiaries

The scheme is designed to assist start-up aspirants’ belonging to the SC/ST and other communities. To make it more precise, the scheme will financially support entrepreneurs who are technologically driven to develop the products or solutions designed to improve the rural habitats.

Under the scheme, the beneficiaries are classed into the following categories:

First Category

The first category involves SC/ST entrepreneurs with a pioneering thought, irrespective of the domain they may be involved in.

Second Category

This category includes startups operated by any community with a notable innovative idea. The idea of the entrepreneurs’ in this case, must be a solution to the real-world problems in areas pertaining to health; education; sanitation; waste segregation; and mechanized scavenging.

Quantum of Assistance

The Unnati scheme will provide beneficiaries with a sum of Rs. 50 lakhs to support their endeavors. The current allocation for the scheme is affixed at Rs. 20 crores, which may be enhanced to Rs. 100 crores based on the response. The Government will be ably assisted by social welfare organizations in funding the scheme.


The scheme is applicable to:

  • Startups operated by SC/ST residents of Karnataka.
  • Startups comprising of entrepreneurs from the SC/ST community holding key managerial stakes.
  • Startups catering to the areas of health, waste generation, sanitation, education and mechanized scavenging.
  • Organizations of the State which are operational for less than four years.

Note: People willing to extend their services to the rural locales are mandated to develop ideas pertaining to technology.

Documents Required for Registration

The following documents must be furnished by the concerned applicant:

  • SC/ST Certificate of the candidate (if the applicant claims to be so).
  • Start-up registration documents.
  • Proof of address.
  • Bank account details of the applicant.

Registration Procedure

The registration procedure to enroll into this scheme has been specified herewith. It may be noted that the timeline of filing applications have been initiated from the 10th of October, 2018.

Step 1: Official Website

Almost all registration procedures are commenced and processed through a website, and so is the case with Unnati. The applicant may initiate the process by visiting the website

Step 2: Signup/Login

The process can be furthered by selecting the option ‘Signup/Login.’ The process of login can be completed by specifying the mobile number and entering  the OTP sent to it.

Step 3: Completion of Profile

The applicant needs to furnish his/personal details in the profile segment.

Step 4: Choice of Assistance

The applicant may now opt for the option “Startup funding” for SC/ST application forms.

Step 5: Form

The form displayed on the following page must be completed.

Step 6: Upload of Documents

Post filling the form, the documents must be uploaded in the portal.

Step 7: Submission

The application can now be submitted, which puts an end to the application process.

Scrutinization of the Submitted Application

The documents and the applications submitted by the applicants will be scrutinized by the selection committee. A three-member committee will be designated with the task of screening and evaluating all the proposals. The process of short-listing will be performed based in the outcome of the process.


The Karnataka Government has allocated INR 20 lakhs for the scheme, of which 50 lakhs will be provided to chosen entrepreneurs for their endeavors. These entrepreneurs can carry on with their services utilizing the funds accorded to them, and run pilots for their products and solutions. For the successful performance of tasks, the chosen ones will be mentored by the government and industry experts.