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TDS Conso File – TRACES Portal

Conso file download feature has been made available in TRACES from the Financial Year 2007-08. Basically, Conso file is a consolidated data of the TDS or TCS statement, both regular and correction, which is processed for the relevant Financial Year, quarter and form type.

Steps to download the Conso file from TRACES are summarized hereunder:

Following are the steps which the taxpayer needs to follow to download the Conso file from TRACES

  1. Visit;
  2. Click on the Login icon and provide appropriate User Id, Password, TAN for deductor and verification code;
  3. Navigate the following path –

Statements / Payments > Request for Conso file;

  1. Provide the following information and click ‘Go’ –
    • Financial year;
    • Quarter; and
    • Form type.
  1. Complete the KYC validation for which following two options are available –
    • Digital Signature supported KYC validation; or
    • Normal KYC validation (i.e. without digital signature).
  1. Enter ‘Token Number’ of only regular, i.e. original statement corresponding to the Financial Year, Quarter and Form type displayed on the screen.
  2. Part 1 – Challan Identification Number / Transfer Voucher Details –

Tick the appropriate box and click on ‘Guide’ for selecting suitable challan option.

  1. Part 2 – Enter Unique PAN and amount combination for challan –

Tick the box in case there is no valid PAN corresponding to the challan details provided in Part 1. Click on ‘Guide’ for selecting appropriate PAN amount combination.

  1. Enter the ‘Authentication Code’ –

If the authentication code is already available, then, enter the same. However, if the authentication code is not available, you will need to verify the eTDS return details in order to generate the authentication code. Please note that the authentication code would be valid for one calendar year.

  1. On successful submission of Conso file request, the following message would be displayed –

‘Request for Conso file has been submitted. Request number is __________. The file would be available in ‘Downloads’.

  1. In order to ‘download’ the Conso file, after receiving the request number, follow the below steps –
    • Navigate path –

Downloads > Requested Downloads.

    • You need to select any one of the following –
      • Request Number;
      • Date; or
      • View all
    • On the basis of the above selection, files would be displayed with ‘Status’ like Submitted or Failed or Available. If the status is ‘submitted’, you need to wait for 24-48 hours and, if the status is ‘available’, the file can be downloaded by selecting the same.
    • There are two download options available which are –
      • HTTP Download – This download is preferred for small files.
      • Download Manager – This download is preferred for large files and when the internet speed is low.

Important points to be noted:

  • Before requesting for downloading the Conso file, it is important to check the ‘Statement Status’ under the ‘Statement / Payment Tab’. Request for the Consofile download is possible only when the statement status is either ‘Statement Processed with Default’ or ‘Statement Processed without Default’.
  • In case the paper return is filed, the Conso file for the same cannot be downloaded from TRACES.
  • The downloaded Conso file would be password protected and the password to open the Conso file is TAN_Request number. Please enter the password in capital letters.
  • The Conso file gets updated with each time a correction is filed for the particular Financial Year, Quarter and form type.

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