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Tamil Nadu Integrated Farming Scheme 2018

Tamil Nadu Integrated Farming Scheme

Tamil Nadu Integrated Farming Scheme

The State Government of Tamil Nadu has initiated a new Yojana called ‘Tamil Nadu Integrated Farming Scheme’ for the benefit of the farmers. The Agriculture Department of Tamil Nadu is vested with its implementation of this scheme. The scheme is envisaged to promote mixed farming which will, in turn, increase the productivity levels and the income of farmers.

Requisites for the Scheme

Farmers of Tamil Nadu are facing several issues as the productivity levels. This has led to a decrease in their income levels. Considering all these ill-effects, the Tamil Nadu State Government launched this scheme to aid the farmers and to increase their financial capability.

Name of Scheme Tamil Nadu Integrated Farming Scheme 2018
Implementing Authority State Government of Tamil Nadu
Purpose of Proposal To enhance the productivity level and income of farmers and increase the economic development of the rural areas of Tamil Nadu
Beneficiary Amount Each farmer gets a subsidy worth INR 100000 towards the implementation of this scheme

Merits of Tamil Nadu Integrated Farming Scheme

  • The Scheme would be benefiting the poor and economically weaker farmers of the State.
  • The scheme facilitates the farmers to grow their crops naturally and utilize their agricultural land appropriately.
  • In addition to this, they may also perform a few other basic agricultural practices which would ensure an increase in their income ratio.
  • These practices may include works such as Poultry, Dairy Farming and others.
  • Through this scheme, the Tamil Nadu State Government is also trying to adopt the Micro irrigation procedures instead of the primitive farming methods.
  • Apart from contributing to the increase in the income of farmers, the substances provided by the Scheme helps in improving the irrigation potential of soil through recycling farm waste.

Budget allocated

  • The State Government has allotted INR 5 Crore for the implementation of the scheme in the District of Thanjavur.
  • Each farmer enrolled as a beneficiary under this scheme gets a subsidy worth INR 1 lakh in order to promote mixed farming and to purchase other required equipment which could enhance the outcome of cultivation.
  • Throughout the district, fifty beneficiaries will be selected from each of the villages, and finally, a total of 500 recipients will receive the subsidy amount offered by the Government.
  • Apart from Thanjavur, the Government is also looking forward to implement this Scheme in Tirunelveli, Madurai, Villupuram and Erode districts during the fiscal year 2018-2019.

Eligibility Criterion

In order to avail the credentials offered under the Tamil Nadu Integrated Farming Scheme, an individual should satisfy the following criterion:

  • Only the native farmers belonging to the State of Tamil Nadu are eligible to apply for financial aid through this scheme.
  • Individuals applying for this subsidy must be marginal scale farmers.
  • The applicants should possess a valid Government Identity Card.