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Nativity Certificate

Nativity Certificate

What is a nativity certificate?

A nativity certificate is a document that is issued by the respective state government certifying that an applicant, his/her parents, and grandparents lived in the state. A nativity certificate in India is required for many purposes such as for claiming reservations for a government job, educational institution, claiming a ration card, etc.  Even when a person wants to claim a scholarship provided by the respective state government, he needs a nativity certificate. Also, a nativity certificate that is obtained once is valid for a lifetime.

Who is eligible for the nativity certificate?

For an applicant to fulfill the needs he must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. He must be a permanent resident of the State for 5-6 years from the mentioned date.
  2. The applicant should also hold land in the state.

What documents are to be submitted to obtain a Nativity certificate in India?

Here is the list of documents that are to be submitted to obtain a Nativity certificate in India:

  • Aadhar card
  • Ration card
  • Birth certificate
  • Class 10 certificates
  • Parents school certificates
  • Address proof (Can be any utility bill)
  • Mobile number and email id is mandatory while making an online application
  • In case the applicant has not attained 18 years of age then the nativity certificate of the applicant’s father is mandatorily required.

What is the procedure to obtain the nativity certificate?

  • An applicant can apply for the Nativity Certificate from his/her parents/grandparents of the native state in India. The Nativity certificate in India is issued by the respective District collectors and District Magistrate’s office from his or her native district only
  • An application is to be made in the prescribed form before the District collector and the magistrate of the concerned native place in India.
  • Along with the application, a set of relevant documents that is duly attested by the notary/gazette officer have to be submitted
  • 6 passport size photos of the applicant are necessary.
  • The applicant needs to be present before the Taluka Mamlatdar in person with all the original documents as and when he is called for verification
  • Once the verification is done a person can collect his nativity certificate

Is there any difference between Nativity Certificate and Domicile Certificate?

There is major confusion between the nativity certificate and the domicile certificate in some states it is also called the residence certificate. All these certificates are the same as they serve the same purpose.

They certify that an individual and his parents/grandparents lived in that particular state.  These certificates are useful in securing jobs through the reservation, in educational institutions, etc.