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MSME Scheme – International Cooperation


MSME Scheme – International Cooperation

The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in an effort to promote MSMEs in India is operating the MSME International Cooperation Scheme. Under the scheme, financial assistance for travel and marketing expenditures relating to the development of the MSME sector in India is supported by the MSME Department. In this article, we cover the International Cooperation Scheme in detail.

Activities Covered under the Scheme

The MSME International Cooperation scheme covers the following activities:

  1. Deputation of MSME business delegations to other countries for exploring new areas of technology infusion/upgradation, facilitating joint ventures, improving markets for MSMEs products, foreign collaborations, etc.
  2. Participation by Indian MSMEs in international exhibitions, trade fairs and buyer-seller meets in foreign countries as well as in India, in which there is international participation.
  3. Holding international conferences and seminars on topics and themes of interest to MSMEs.

Eligibility for International Cooperation Scheme

The following entities can apply and obtain assistance under the International Cooperation Scheme:

  • State/Central Government Organisations
  • Industry/EnterpriseAssociations; and
  • Registered Societies / Trusts and Organisations associated with the promotion and development of MSMEs
  • The applicant should be in MSME development for atleast 3 years
  • The applicant should have audited accounts for the past 3 years
  • The ideas sought for financial assistance through this scheme should have international importance

Apart from this, a company or participant can avail this scheme only twice in a financial year. Also, the priority for women/SC/ST and for startups.

The eligible and approved international conferences by the Government of India for the year 2020 can be accessed below:


Nature of Assistance under the Scheme

The MSME International Cooperation scheme provides financial assistance of up to 95% of airfare and space rent for entrepreneurs if does not exceeds Rs.1 lakh. Assistance is provided on the basis of size and type of the enterprise. It also provides assistance for common expenses of delegations like freight & insurance, local transport, secretarial/communication services, the printing of common catalogues, etc. Daily allowance of USD 150 will be provided for a maximum of 3 days.

Participation in International Events

  • Exhibition Space Rent – Maximum of Rs.1.25 lakh per MSME
  • Entry or Registration Fee – Rs.5000 per MSME
  • Advertisement charges – Maximum of Rs.5 lakhs per 20 MSME units

Participation within India

A maximum of Rs.4.50 lakh or the actuals (whichever is less) will be paid as financial assistance for holding international summits/conferences/workshops in India by Industry Associations including charges for venue rent, catering, advertisement & publicity, security arrangement, etc.

The guidelines published by the Ministry of MSME which includes application form, assistance, can be accessed below:


Where to Apply

Application for assistance under MSME International Cooperation Scheme can be applied online or mail applications in the prescribed format can be sent to:
The Director (International Cooperation)
Ministry of MSME,
Udyog Bhavan,
New Delhi – 110 011

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