Karnataka VAT Registration and VAT Filing

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Karnataka VAT Registration and VAT Filing

The State Government of Karnataka regulates Karnataka vat as per the Karnataka Value Added Tax Act, 2003. As per legislation, each State in India can regulate VAT as per the Act. The regulation shall act as per the Empowered Committee’s guidelines to ensure uniformity of law across the country. As per VAT rules, a dealer pays VAT tax on the purchases and retains the VAT tax on the sales. The dealer later pays the balance to the Government Treasury. Therefore, VAT acts a multipoint tax system wherein the tax paid by the dealer and passed on to the Buyer. In this article, let’s look at the procedure for Karnataka VAT Registration, VAT Return Filing and VAT Payment.


The Karnataka VAT Tax Act extends to the whole of Karnataka and applies to the sale of all goods and products in the State. As per the Act, the registration applies for the following entities:

  • Any person having a turnover exceeding Rs.62,500 in any one month
  • Any person whose taxable turnover is likely to exceed Rs.7.5 lakhs during a financial year
  • A dealer who imports or exports goods out/from the State of Karnataka
  • Casual dealers entering into any occasional transaction of purchase and sale in a state without carrying on a regular business

Individuals no required to get KAT Registration may also register to get voluntary Karnataka VAT Registration.

Tax Rates

In Karnataka, VAT Tax Rates levies under four categories. All goods full under one of the four categories below and subject to the VAT Tax rate for that category:

  • Schedule I – VAT Exempted Goods (Example: Books, periodicals, journals, fresh milk, curd, meat, unprocessed sale, etc.)
  • Schedule II – 1% VAT Rate (Example: Bullion, Gold, Precious Metals, Precious Stones, etc.)
  • Schedules III and VI – 4% VAT Rate – also depends on the nature of work contract (Example: Utensils, bricks, coffee bean and seeds, hosiery goods, readymade garments, etc.,)
  • Schedule IV – 20% VAT Rate (Example: Narcotics, Molasses)

Click here to download Karnataka VAT Tax Rate.

Return Filing

Dealers with a total turnover of up to Rs.25 lakhs shall file Quarterly returns. The individual shall file the returns on or before the 15th of each quarter. Dealers with more than Rs.25 lakhs of sale shall file their Monthly returns. The individual shall file the returns on or before the 20th of the month.

Karnataka VAT Payment or Deposit

In Karnataka, dealers having a total turnover of up to Rs.25 lakhs are required to pay or deposit VAT tax on or before the 15th day form the end of each quarter. Dealers having more than Rs.25 lakhs of sale turnover shall pay or deposit their Monthly payment or deposit on or before the 20th day from the end of the month.


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