Partnership Firm Tax Return Filing In Arunachal Pradesh

A partnership firm is a type of entity where two or more two people are carrying out business under one entity. Registering a Partnership in Arunachal pradesh is the right choice for the small and medium-size enterprises as the formation is very easy and there are very few regulatory compliances. Partnerships are one of the oldest types of entities, a partnership can be registered even after it is formed.

How Partnership firms file tax returns in Arunachal pradesh?

Partnership return filing in Arunachal pradesh should be done through Form ITR 5. Form ITR 5 is used for Partnership firm income tax returns not the tax returns for the Partners. ITR 5 is an attachment-less form and there is no requirement to submit any of the documents or the statements along with the Partnership firm tax returns. The taxpayer needs to save the records about the business and produce the same before the tax authorities when requested.

ITR 5 can be file online with the Income-tax department's online portal. You need to submit the documents only when you are asked to submit them. While filing the partnership firm tax returns in Arunachal pradesh the partners must have class 2 digital signatures for verification.

What are the deductibles allowed for Partnerships while return filing in Arunachal pradesh?

When an individual is calculating the payable income tax he should check the available deductible income. The allowed deductibles for Partnership tax return filing in Arunachal pradesh are:

  • Remuneration or interest that is to be paid to the partners of the firm that is not under the terms of the partnership.
  • The salaries, bonuses, remuneration, commissions are paid to the non-working partners of the firm.
  • The remuneration paid to the partners is following the terms of the partnership deed.

What are the due dates for Partnership firm tax return filing in Arunachal pradesh?

The Due date for Partnership Firm Tax return filing is dependent on whether the firm is required to carry audit or not. When the Partnership firm does not need auditing then the Partnership tax return filing in Arunachal pradesh should be done by 31st July. Whereas when the Partnership firm needs to get auditing done then the Partnership firm tax return filing in Arunachal pradesh is to be done before 30th September.

There are lesser compliances in Partnership firms as compared to the Private Limited Companies. Unlike the Companies, the Partnership firms are not required to conduct any meetings or maintain any register. It is also to be noted that non-compliance can be costlier so it is necessary to meet all the compliances in time.

Partnership Firm Tax Return Filing In Arunachal Pradesh FAQ's

Is it necessary to have Digital Signature Certificate while Partnership Annual filing in Arunachal pradesh?

Yes, while filing the Partnership firm’s annual returns in Arunachal pradesh the partners are required to have a Class 2 Digital Signature for the verification of the filing process.

How to do Partnership firm annual filing in Arunachal pradesh?

There are two procedures for filing the annual returns of Partnership in Arunachal pradesh online as well as offline. In case of the online return filing, the partnership firms must mandatorily carry out an audit.

What is the due date for Filing Partnership firm annual returns in Arunachal pradesh?

The due date for Partnership firm annual return filing in Arunachal pradesh is 31st July for firms who do not require auditing, for firms who require auditing need to file the returns by 31st September.

Are the Partnership firms required to do the GST filings?

Yes, the Partnership firms need to comply with the monthly, Quarterly, and Annual GST filings.

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