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Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) – eMudhra

eMudhra Video Verification

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) – eMudhra

A Digital Signature Certificate is a digital key used for authenticating the individual’s identity. The Controller of Certifying Authority (CCA) has authorized eMudhra as agencies to provide this certificate to the applicants.

Individuals and organizations can get the DSC through a completely online and paperless process on the eMudhra website. Holding a Digital Signature Certificate and signing documents digitally ensure a high level of data integrity and is often preferred by businesses in recent times. The present article briefs the procedure for applying for DSC through the eMudhra.


EMudhra Limited is a Certifying Authority licensed by the Controller of Certifying Authorities and caters to all kinds of subscribers who use DSC for many use cases defined by the Government of India.

Applicants can easily apply for the DSC with a paperless process through the eMudhra. No document hard copy is required. This applies to all Indian citizens who wish to buy Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) using “PAN” or “Aadhaar Paperless Offline eKYC.

Digital Signature Certificate

Digital Signature Certificate or DSC is required for company registration, LLP registration, GST registration, Import Export Code, and Income Tax Filing. The digital signature is used to e-sign forms submitted to the Government by an applicant.

The DSC is available with a validity period of 1 year, two years, or three years. Class 3 DSC is now mandated to use for all types of transactions in India.

Class 3 DSC can use for the following purposes:

  • MCA e-filing, Income Tax e-filing
  • LLP Registration, GST Application
  • IE Code Registration, Form 16
  • CBSE School, Director’s KYC, etc
  • e-Tendering, e-Procurement
  • e-Biding, ICEGATE, Foreign Trade
  • Patent and Trademark e-filing
  • Customs e-filing, e-Auction, etc

Paperless DSC Issuance

This eMudhra has enabled a Paperless process for applying Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) in a paperless manner using the following methods:

  • Aadhaar Biometric KYC (Individuals)
  • Aadhaar OTP + Video KYC (Individuals)
  • Offline Aadhaar XML + Video KYC (Individuals)
  • PAN + Video/Document KYC (Individuals)
  • Foreign Organization Online Video/Document KYC
  • Indian Organization Online GSTIN/Video/Document KYC
  • Foreign Individual Online Video/Document KYC

For Aadhaar Biometric KYC, Access the eMUDRA for a list of allowed biometric devices and their contact information.

For offline Aadhaar based eKYC process, Click Here to download Offline Aadhaar XML from the UIDAI website.

Procedure to get DSC through eMudhra

The applicant can get the DSC in a few simple steps as mentioned below:

  • Access the official website of eMudhra and Click on the Buy Certificate option.
  • Select user type based on the use-case (Individual or Organization).
  • As per the requirement of the user, Select certificate type from the drop-down list, the user can default a particular “Signature” as the certificate type for all digital signing purposes. Please note that the user must select “both” (signature & encryption) as the certificate type if they want to use it for eTendering.
  • Select the validity period per the requirement (for example, one year/2 year).
  • Click on the Buy Certificate to proceed with the purchase.
  • Verify the identity through an online paperless process and download the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).

Procedure to get Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

  • Step 1 eKYC Enrolment – Open an eKYC Account using the PAN or Aadhaar Paperless Offline eKYC. In case of an Indian National (OR) or Foreign National, use Local Government issued ID Proof and Address Proof.
  • Step 2 Apply DSC – Select Digital Signature Certificate as per the user’s choice.
  • Step 3 eKYC & eSign – Authenticate and perform eSign using eKYC Account credentials with OTP
  • Step 4 Video Recording – Record video while answering simple questions
  • Obtain your DSC minutes after processing by an eMudhra representative.
  • New and Existing applicants can easily apply without Login into a KYC account. Please click the ‘Enrol & Apply DSC’ button to proceed and complete enrollment.

eMutra Video Verification

E-Mudhra has facilitated a video verification process that paves the way for a more secure submission method.

As per CCA (Controller of Certifying Authority) guidelines, For the Issuance of a Digital signature, video verification is essential. There are two ways to complete the video verification. One is through the browser, and another one is through a phone.

Kindly open the link sent to the registered email in the chrome browser and do the needful per the instructions. And if the user is willing to do it through mobile, then you need to install a mobile app. Please refer to the following steps to complete the video verification through the App:

Video Verification

E-Mudhra has facilitated a video verification process that paves the way for a more secure submission method. Please follow the steps given below to complete the video verification:

Step 1

Install the E-Mudhra app on your Android or IOS device, which facilitates you to record videos, track application status or contact E-Mudhra.

Android App

iPhone App

Note: You can also complete the video verification on your computer if you have a webcam-enabled PC, MAC, or Linux. To complete the video verification on the computer, follow the link sent to your email.

Step 2

Install the App and select video recording.

emudhra app
emudhra app

Step 3

Enter the application ID and your date of birth.

Application ID and Date of Birth

Step 4

You will now be asked a few questions. Answer the questions while you are being recorded. The third question will last for 20 seconds. You cannot proceed to the submission page until the time has elapsed.

Once you have answered all the questions, click on Proceed. You can also redo the process if required.

eMudhra App - Step-4
eMudhra App – Step-4

Upon completion of the above steps, your Digital Signature certificate will be issued by E-Mudhra.

SMS Verification

Once the video verification is completed, please complete the SMS verification by sending the following message to the +919945211399

VERIFY {ApplicationNumber} {DateOfBirth}