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Telangana Birth Certificate


Telangana Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate is an important document issued by Government to record a person’s Birth and identify them by name, place, date of birth and parentage. According to the Registration of Birth & Deaths Act, 1969 every birth has to be registered with the concerned State Government, and all citizens need to obtain a birth certificate to avail various facilities provided by Government. This article examines about registration of birth and procedure for obtaining Telangana birth certificate in detail and how to check the birth certificate status telangana.

Who is the Concerned Authority for Registering Date of Birth Certificate Telangana Online?

Registration of Birth & Deaths Act, 1969 provides the regulation for registration of birth and death in India. As per the provision of this RBD act, every birth should be registered with the concerned state Government within 21 days of occurrence.

Concerned Authority for registering Birth in Telangana:

  • Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation
  • Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration Government of Telangana

Benefits of obtaining Birth Certificate Application in Telangana

A birth certificate is mandatory for below-mentioned purposes:

  • The birth certificate serves as proof for acquiring the right to vote
  • To get admission in schools, this certificate needs to be furnished
  • To enter military service
  • The birth certificate is necessary to claim the right to marry at the legally permissible age
  • It is mandatory for settlement of inheritance and property rights
  • To obtain a driving licence and passport
  • To get a pension, social security or health insurance provided by the Government
  • To receive insurance benefits

Person Responsible for Registering Birth Certificate in Telangana

To obtain a date of birth certificate telangana online, the birth must be registered in concern local authorities within 21 days from date of occurrence:

  • If the birth has taken place in hospitals, nursing homes or medical institutions, such birth is to be reported by the institutions
  • If the birth has taken place at home, it is the responsibility of the head of the family, or any other family member have to report such births

Documents Required for Registering Telangana Birth Certificate 

To obtain a telangana birth certificate, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Proof of birth of the child issued by the hospital or medical institution where the child is born (Letter from the hospital)
  • Parent’s identity proof for verification
  • Parents’ birth certificate or SSC marks memo
  • Parent’s marriage certificate

Applicable Fee for Applying Telangana Birth Certificate

Fee structure to obtain a birth certificate in Telangana is tabulated here:


Service Fee







Birth Certificate  application in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC)

Rs. 25 per transaction + Rs.5 per additional copy Rs.20 per copy of the certificate Rs. 45 + Rs. 25 per additional copy
Birth Certificate application in Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration Government of Telangana (C&DMA)

Rs.35 per transaction + Postal charges

Note: Rs.25 for category A

Each copy Rs. 50 for the first 4 copies and From 5th copy onwards Rs. 100

Rs. 35 + Panchayat level + Rs.10 copy

Municipality Rs. 50 for first 4 copies) and From 5th copy onwards Rs. 100


Late registration of birth


Rs. 35 per transaction

Rs.5  for

every additional

year of late



Rs. 35 + Rs.5 for every additional year of late Registration


Birth Certificate Corrections

Rs. 35 per transaction + Rs.5 per additional copy + Postal Charges


Rs. 60 + Rs. 20 per copy of the certificate


Rs. 95 + Rs.25 per additional copy

Registration of Birth

Every birth in Telangana should be registered to concern C&DMA or Panchayat by hospitals, medical institutions or by the head of the family. Once the birth is registered, birth details will be updated correspondingly to State Birth Records.

The birth certificate will be issued only if the entry (birth details) found Registered in Birth Records of Telangana. Name of the child can be included later in the birth certificate by applying.

Check Online Birth Details in Records

Before applying for a Birth certificate, the applicant needs to confirm that birth details are available in Telangana birth records. Follow the procedure given below to search for birth details online in Telangana birth records.

Step 1: Visit the Unified Birth and Death Registration Management Information System (UBDMIS) official site.

Step 2: From the citizen section, select ‘search birth details’ option. The page will redirect to next page.

Home page Obtain Birth Certificate in Telangana

Step 3: In the new page, select Registration unit from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Provide the following details to check the birth details:

  • Month and Year of Birth
  • Gender of child
  • Name of father, mother and child
  • Place of Birth
  • Address at the time of Birth
  • Permanent Address
  • Hospital Name
Birth details Obtain Birth Certificate in Telangana

 Step 5: After providing all mandatory details, click on submit.

 If the birth details are available in birth records, the applicant is eligible to apply for the birth certificate. If the details are not found, they need to contact nearby C&DMA or Panchayat.

Step-by-step Process How to Apply Online for Birth Certificate in Telangana

To get a date of birth certificate Telangana online, follow the procedure given below:

Step 1: To register a birth duly filled application form along with all documents should be submitted to concern MeeSeva centre by hospitals, medical institutions or by the head of the family.


Step 2: MeeSeva centre operator will scan the documents and apply for birth certificate online.

Step 3: Pay fee for the birth certificate, the operator will give a receipt for transaction and application ID.

Step 4: At the time of applying, the applicant needs to give details regarding certificate delivery modes. They can get certificate directly from MeeSeva Centre, or certificate will be sent through courier to registered address from GHMC office.

Step 4: The applicant will get an SMS to the registered mobile number if the application is accepted.

 Step 5: In case of getting a certificate from MeeSeva centre, the Birth certificate will be issued on the same day, for sending couriers it will take 5 days from date of application.

How to Track Birth Certificate Application Status in Telangana?

To know about the birth certificate status telangana, go to UBDMIS website of Telangana. Select the MeeSeva application status option from the home page. 

Application status home page Obtain Birth Certificate in Telangana

Enter the MeeSeva application number, the applicant will get to know your birth certificate status telangana.

Application status Obtain Birth Certificate in Telangana

Late Registration of Birth Certificate

In case of late registration of birth, separate application form need to be submitted for obtaining a birth certificate in Telangana.

Late Registration of Birth

Duly fill the application form and submit it to concern MeeSeva centre along with following documents and fee prescribed below:

  • Non-availability certificate issued by the Grama Panchayat or Municipal Commissioner
  • Ration card or Food Security Card copy
  • SSC marks memo
  • A self affidavit stating that the reason for late registration.

After processing the application form, Registrar will issue the birth certificate.