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EPDS Telangana


EPDS Telangana

What is EPDS?

ePDS (Electronic Public Distribution System)  is an online software application catering to the Ration cards management, allocation and seeding of Aadhaar data. The processes involved in the distribution of Essential Commodities (ECs) to the BPL families are automated to bring efficiency, accountability and transparency to the PDS of Civil Supplies Department.  The civil service department develops three significant modules.

  • Aadhaar seeding module
  • Ration card management module
  • Allocation module

EPDS Telangana at a Glance

Under the National Food Security Act 2013, after the separation of the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, the Telangana State Government launched EPDS Telangana. It is an online service portal for Food Security Card or Ration Card in the state of Telangana. EPDS Food Security Card helps poor people to avail several facilities offered by the Telangana Government. As it is a card that ensures food security, individuals who do not have decent income can get food sponsored by the State Government with the help of his Ration card.

The essential food items and commodities that the authorities supply to the cardholders are listed below.

  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Pulses
  • Petrol
  • Lamp oil

All the family members of the cardholder can also use the Ration card as proof of nursing identity in times of need. In this article, we will be talking about the EPDS Telangana Ration cards and the types of it, how to apply and check the status of the Ration Card.

Categories in Ration Card

According to the Public Distribution System(PDS) of Telangana State, the ration card issued to the people in Telangana state is classified into three categories, as mentioned in the below points.

APL (Above Poverty Line)

Individuals fall in this category who earns more than Rs. 10,000 annually and they are provided with a white ration card.

BPL (Below Poverty Line)

Individuals fall in this category who earns less than Rs. 10,000 annually and they are provided with a pink ration card.

Antodaya or AYY (Antyodaya Anna Yojana) families

Individuals who are extremely needy and don’t have a steady income like daily labours falls in this category, and they are provided with a pink ration card.

Difference Between Ration Card & Food Security Card

The difference in Ration And Food Security card in Telangana is described below.

Ration Card

APL households were not identified in Indian Government’s TPDS scheme; they are not liable to receive subsidized food grains through government, and any household above the poverty line could typically apply for an APL ration card.

Food Security Card (Food Security Ration Card)

BPL & AYY beneficiaries are currently covered under TPDS scheme. People who fall in this category are liable to receive subsidized food grains through the government. They can get a Food Security Ration Card.

Obtain a Ration Card in Telangana

Documents Required to apply for Ration Card in Telangana

  • Mee Seva Application form
  • A copy of identity proof like voter ID card, driving license, Aadhar card.
  • Passport size photograph of the applicant.

Fee for New Ration Card application

  • Service charge – Rs. 30
  • Statutory Charge – Nil
  • Total – Rs. 35

Ration card Delivery time

It can generally take 30 days to deliver Ration Card.

Offline Procedure to apply for Ration Card

If the applicant wishes to get a Ration card offline can follow the below steps to download the Ration card.

  • Visit the nearest MeeSeva centre in the locality.
  • Obtain the ration card form from the officials in the office.
  • Fill out the application form with relevant details.
  • Attach all the relevant documents to the application form before submission.
  • Affix proper passport-sized photograph to the application form.
  • Ensure the filled details are correct.
  • Submit the form with the prescribed fee.

Online Procedure to apply for Ration Card

Step 1: To apply, the applicant is required to visit the home page of Mee Seva civil supplies department.

Step 2: Look at the left side of the home page, select Mee Seva Services forms under Quick link.

Image 1 EPDS Telangana

Step 3: Go to Civil Supplies tap and click on Issue of New Ration Card (Pink) Application form.

Issue of New Ration Card (Pink) Application Form

Step 4: At first, the applicant has to mark the type of card they want.

Step 5: Now, the applicant is required to fill up the details which include head of the household, professional information, Gas connection details, Residence Address, Permanent address. Also fill up member details, other details such as old ration card number on it.

Step 6: Now the applicant needs to carry the duly filled new ration card application form along with required documents to the MeeSeva Centre.

Check Status of Ration Card

The Procedure to check the status of a ration card in Telangana is quite simple.

Step 1: First of all, the applicant needs to visit the EPDS portal introduced for this purpose. The official website of EPDS in Telangana is

Step 2: After logging in to the official website, the next step is a Ration card search. For that, the applicant needs to click on the option that says FSC Search.

Image 3 EPDS Telangana

Step 3: Select the option that reads “FSC Application Search.”

Image 3 EPDS Telangana

Step 4: Select the district from the drop-down menu.

Image 5 EPDS Telangana

Step 5: Now, the applicant needs to enter the Application number.

Step 6: After the Application number has been entered, go to the search button to get the status.

The details of the Food Security  EPDS Telangana Ration Card status will be displayed on the screen.

Download Ration Card

Step 1: Visit the website of EPDS in Telangana is

Step 2: From the right-hand side menu, click on FSC search.

Step 3: Select FSC search from the next page.

Step 4: In this page, select the district.

Image 6 EPDS Telangana

Step 5: Then the applicant has to enter FSR ref number or Ration card number or Old ration card number to search the card.

If applicant’s name exists in the Telangana Ration Card list, then they are eligible to download ration card.

EPDS TS Android App

It is an android mobile application, which will work in two modules G2C (Government to Customer) and G2G (Government to Government). This app will cut the need for the physical visit to the ration card office. To download this app follow the steps mentioned here.

  1. Visit the Google Play Store on the android mobile.
  2. Search for Telangana T–Ration App.
  3. Download T–Ration App Here –
  4. Install the mobile app on the mobile phone.

SMS Registration 

The applicant can also register for SMS alerts on the mobile phones on the portal of the Government of Telangana.

The applicant has to fill the mobile number, first name, last name, district and Mandal details, fair price shop number, and the beneficiary details. Once the applicant registers the mobile number in this portal, they will receive updates and alerts from the Supply Chain Management of Telangana Government.