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Chandigarh Marriage Certificate


Chandigarh Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate is an official record that certifies that two people are married under a relevant Act. Marriages that are already solemnised in the State of Chandigarh are to be compulsorily registered either under the Hindu Marriage Registration Act, 1955 or under the Special Marriage Registration Act, 1954. In Chandigarh, on registering a marriage, the marriage registrar issues the marriage certificate. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining Chandigarh marriage certificate in detail.

Chandigarh Marriage Registration Rules

As per the provision of the Chandigarh registration of Marriage rule, Chandigarh Government has made marriage registration mandatory in the state. Marriage needs to be registered for the following purposes.

  • To prevent child marriages.
  • For enabling widows to claim an inheritance.
  • To help women to claim their rights of maintenance from husband and custody of children.
  • For claiming bank deposits and life insurances, in the event of a spouse passing away.

Hindu Marriage Act, 1955

As per the rules of Hindu Marriage Registration Act, 1955, certain conditions have to be satisfied by the bride and bridegroom, in order to consider the marriage legal and valid.

  • Marriages performed under Hindu customs
  • Marriage is considered valid only if both Bride and Groom are Hindus
  • The bridegroom should be the age of 21 years and bride should have completed 18 years at the time of marriage.
  • Marriage can be registered at the Registrar Officer in Residence of bridegroom or Residence of bride or Solemnization place.

Special Marriage Act, 1954

The Indian Special Marriage Act, 1954, permits marriages to all citizens of India irrespective of their religions or nationalities. NRI marriages were being registered under this Special Marriage Act (SMA).

For a special marriage registration in Chandigarh, certain conditions must be satisfied by both the parties:

  • Age of the bridegroom must be 21 years and bride should have completed 18 years at the time of solemnization.
  • Either Bride or Bridegroom must be resident of the Tehsil or Solemnization place in which the marriage is to be registered.
  • In case of special marriage registration, the bride and groom have to give a 30-day notice to the sub-registrar in advance. The marriage registration is done 30 days after the date of the notice, after deciding any objection that may have been received during the said period by the SDM.

Benefits of Marriage Certificate

Purposes of obtaining Chandigarh marriage certificate are as follows:

  • Marriage certificate proves that a woman is lawfully married to the person.
  • Marriage registration certificate enables social security and self-confidence to a married woman.
  • A marriage certificate is mandatory for claiming bank deposits or insurance-related benefit to a spouse.
  • In the case of a married person, marriage certificate needs to be produced for applying for a passport.

Documents Required

The Applicant should submit the following documents/records along with the application form to get the marriage certificate.

  • Age Proof – Birth Certificate of the Groom and Bride, Pan Card, Aadhaar Card, Medical Certificate Indicating Age.
  • Address Proof – Ration Card, Passport, Driving License, Voter ID, Electricity bill, property tax receipt and Water bill
  • Photograph – Two passport size photographs of couples (Joint Photo of bride and groom)
  • Death certificate in case of widow or widower for re-marriage
  • Wedding Card (Marriage invitation letter)
  • Statement of Bride-Bridegroom and their Parents
  • Witness Photographs – Two witness
  • Order/Degree from the competent court in case of divorce
  • Any other document or proof in support of marriage solemnised.

Note: All the above documents/records to be self-attested. Except for the application form, the photocopies of other documents are accepted. The online application requires scanned copies of the document.

Validity of Marriage Certificate

The Government issues the marriage certificate that is valid for a lifetime and hence there is no need for renewal.

Concerned Department & Authority

The parties can approach the Offices of the concerned Tehsildar-cum-Registrar of Marriages and submit the application forms relating to marriage certificate in the Office of the concerned Block or the office of a district magistrate of relevant block or district.

Applicable Fee

The applicable fee for registering the marriage in Chandigarh is in below tabular column:

S.No Services Fee
1. Marriage registration within the month of Solemnization Rs.5
2. Marriage registration after 30 days of  Solemnization Rs.10
3. Marriage Certification Fee (per copy) Rs.2

The individual can avail the Marriage certificate within a specified time as fixed by the authority.

Marriage Registration Procedure – Offline Method

Follow the given step by step procedure for applying Marriage Certificate in Chandigarh is in detail below:

Approach Tehsildar/Registrar office

Step 1: The Applicant can visit the nearest responsible block or sub-registrar office for the complete registration process of the mutation.

Get Application Form

Separate application forms are available for Hindu Marriage Registration Act and Special Marriage Registration Act.

Step 2: Get the application form from the concerned office and have to fill out an application form in a prescribed format.

Note: Also download the application form for the mutation form from the official District e-District website, Government of Chandigarh Administration.

Marriage Registration Form under the Hindu Marriage Act

The application form of Marriage certificate under the Hindu Marriage Act in the PDF format is below for the references:

Chandigarh Marriage Certificate

Marriage Registration Form under the Special Marriage Act

The parties can use this form for registering their marriage under the Special Marriage Act. Application form of Marriage certificate under the Special Marriage Act in the PDF format is here.

Chandigarh Marriage Certificate

Fill Application Form

Step 3: Fill the application form with appropriate details without any mistakes. Provide the given following information in the application form.

  • Date of Marriage
  • Place of Marriage
  • Details of Bride and Bridegroom
  • Details of Bride and Bridegroom parents
  • Permanent Address
  • Other details related to registration

Step 4: Submit an application form in the prescribed format to the concerned operator, along with all the supporting documents.

Attach Required Documents

Step 5: After applying, the Applicant has to attach the specified documents along with the application form.

Get Acknowledgement Slip

Step 6: Upon submission, the user will receive the transaction number to the registered mobile number informing the details about your marriage registration process on successful registration. The application has to make a note on transaction Id to check the status of the application online.

Registrar Officer Verification

Step 7: The Tehsildar/Registrar officer will forward the request for a marriage certificate online to the concerned authority.

Time Frame

Step 8: There is no time limit have been specified for the Marriage Registration. On completion of the above formalities, the registration will be done immediately.

Issuance of the certificate

Step 9: The concerned Department will process the income certificate request, and after successful verification, the authorised Government Officer will issue the income certificate.

Marriage Registration Procedure – Online Method

The Applicant can follow the steps given below to apply for the Marriage certificate.

Access e-District Portal

Step 1: The Applicant has to visit the homepage of the e-District portal for applying Marriage certificate.


New User Registration

Step 2: In case of a new user of Chandigarh e-District portal of the state, register in the portal to avail the certificate services. Click on the option “Marriage Department Login” for the New User Registration.


Step 3: Upon clicking on citizen’s registration page, provide some details for the user registration such as Username, Name, Password, Gender, Date of Birth, District, State, Locality, Country, Security Question, Mobile number, email, Security Answer, and Aadhaar Card Number. Then click on the “register” button.


Step 4: On providing all details, click on the Save button to receive an OTP to the mobile number registered, enter the same in the place given and Click on the Active account.

Login to Portal

Step 5: On activating the account, log in to the e-District portal using your user id and user password.


Apply for Marriage Registration

Step 6: After Login, Citizen Dashboard will appear where the Applicant can apply for the Marriage Registration.

Step 7: Click on the Marriage link under the services option, then the Marriage Registration form will appear as shown below:


Provide Details

Step 8: Provide the following Details for Registration and to obtain the Marriage certificate.

  • Bride’s details
  • Groom’s details
  • Marriage details
  • Witness details
  • Submit Application

Upload Required Documents

Step 9: Upload all the above mentioned necessary documents to the application form.


Step 10: After providing all mandatory details, click on the “submit” button. After the verification with the actual records, the concerned department will issue the marriage certificate.

Generate Appointment Receipt

Step 11: Click on the “Get Appointment” link to choose the appointment slot from the list.

Step 12: Select the desired appointment date and time from the list of available time slots.

Step 13: Upon choosing the desired date and time for the appointment, click “save and proceed” option.


Step 14: The system will generate an appointment receipt along with the complete marriage registration details. The Applicant needs to bring the hard copy of this receipt at the time of appointment.

Print Appointment Receipt

Step 15: Applicant can print the appointment receipt until the appointment time by clicking on the “Generate Appointment slip” link.

Step 16: Once the application form has successfully submitted, acknowledgement slip with an application number will be displayed. Take a print of this slip. Keep it safe for future reference.

Track/Check Status of Application

Through SMS, the Applicant will receive the status of their application. Also, the Applicant can track your application status online via the e-District portal of Chandigarh. Provide application number and click on submit button. The status of your application form will appear on the below screen:


Download Marriage Certificate

On approving the application form, the Applicant will receive a notification to the mobile number. By log in, to the e-District portal, enter the Certificate number and the application number. Then click on the submit button. Finally, the Applicant can download Chhattisgarh Marriage certificate.