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What is the registration process of a company?

What is the Registration process of a company?

What is the Registration Process of a Company?

In India, company registration is also referred to as the incorporation of a company or the formation of a business. Registering the company makes the business a distinguished entity and gives it a legal existence. The registration process of a company is done under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), which is governed by the Companies Act 2013.  In India, company registration can be completed online through IndiaFilings in less than ten days at a very affordable price of just Rs. 7899.

Step 1: Apply For Director Identification Number (DIN)

The first step towards India’s company registration process begins with obtaining a unique Director Identification Number (DIN). According to the Companies Amendment Act 2006, DIN is required for any person who wishes to register a company or become a Director of an existing company in India. The application form is available online on MCA Website as the DIN-1 Form.  

Step 2: Apply For Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

The registration process of a company requires every business to acquire a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). DSC is a legislation requirement for submitting various forms to the Government of India.

IndiaFilings can help obtain an eMudhra Class 3 Digital Signature certificate in India with a validity of 2 years and a secure USB token.   

Step 3: Company Name Approval

Apply for company registration; the SPICe+ Form must be submitted on the MCA portal.

The Part-A of the SPICe+ Form for company name approval is first submitted to the MCA to reserve the company name. In the name approval application, 1 or 2 names with business objectives can be submitted. If a name approval is rejected, 1 or 2 more names can be resubmitted. Typically, the MCA approves all name approval applications in less than five working days.

Step 4: Company Incorporation Application Submission

After the approval of the name, it will be reserved for twenty days, within which the company must fill out Part B of the SPICe+ Form and submit it online. The applicant must furnish the details of the company and director in the Part-B of the SPICe+ Form, attach documents, attach DSC and submit it.

Get a Certificate of Incorporation

Once the registration application (SPICe+) is filled and submitted along with the documents, the Registrar of Companies will examine the application. Upon verification of the application, the RoC will issue the Certificate of Incorporation of the Company.

This is usually issued with Permanent Account Number and Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number as allotted by the Income Tax Department. An email with a Certificate of Incorporation as an attachment, along with TAN and PAN, will also be sent to the applicant.