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J&K Tourism Registration

J&K Tourism Registration

J&K Tourism Registration

The Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department has come up with a procedural system for the Registration and Renewal of all Travel Trade Service Providers with the intention to promote the J&K tourism industry. It is made available to all bonafide travel organizations to encourage quality, standard and services in the tourism sector. This initiative helps the travel operators to get easier registration and renewal for their organization. Let us look in detail about the J&K Registration/Renewal of Tourist Trade in this article.

To know about Licenses and Registration Required for Hotel Business

J&K Registration of Tourist Trade Act 

J&K tourism department comprises of the overall planning and execution of all the schemes for the development, improvement and upgradation of the tourism support in different parts of the State. It regulates the travel-trade by the enforcement of provisions of J&K Registration of Tourist Trade Act.

Travel Agent Registration

A person has to get registered with the J&K Registration of Tourist Trade Act in order to operate the business of Travel Agent, Excursion Agent or Guide in a tourist area. Any person who is already operating a business of selling the notified article in a tourist area on the specific date such article is notified under section 2 would be applied for the registration under this Act within 3 months from the aforesaid date. Every application applied under this section would be disposed of within a time frame of 3 months from the receipt date of the application failing which the application would be deemed to have been accepted for the registration process.

Adventure Tour Operators

An Adventure Tour Operator’s (ATOs) duty will certain activities related to the Adventure Tourism in India that includes water sports, aero sports, mountaineering, trekking and safari of various kinds, etc. In addition, they also make arrangements for transportation, accommodation, etc.

Certificate of Registration

The name and other particulars of the travel agent, excursion agent or guide to be entered in the register and the certificate of registration would be issued to the hotel keeper in the prescribed form unless the registration is refused under Section 11 by the prescribed authority.

Documents Required

The below listed are the documentation checklist that has to be uploaded with the online application form:

  • Academic Qualification Certificates
  • Registration Certificate
  • Copy of Audited Balance Sheet
  • Copy of Service Tax Registration
  • Income Tax Acknowledgement for the recent assessment year
  • Certificate of Chartered Accountant
  • List of Directors/Partners

Note: The above-mentioned records to be duly attested by the competent officer.

Application Procedure for Registration and Renewal

The Registration and Renewal cases of the Travel Agencies, Hotel, Pony walla, Guest Houses, Tourist Guide, etc can be applied in the offline mode up to 31st of December 2019. An Approved Operator have to follow the below procedure to register for the new registration.

Access the Official website

Step 1: The applicants can visit the official website of Department of J&K for the registration.

Step 2:  Click on the “Registration” link from the Home Page of the Department of Tourism, J&K.

Step 3:  Upon clicking on the tab, it directs the applicant to the new window that takes to the registration process. In the case of an existing user, then the travel agent will have to use the registered credentials for any activity at this website and must do not have to redo the registration process again. If still, the applicant clicks on Proceed button then the first Registration will be deactivated.

Step 4: Now, click on the Proceed button, where a new registration form will appear that will expire if left idle for 20 minutes or more.

Filling up the Registration Form

Step 5: If applying for the registration, then the applicant can only proceed after the registration process.

Incredible India Tourist Facilitator Certification (IITFC)

Step 6: The form needs to be filled with a few the following details about the Name, Mobile Number (User ID), Email Address and Password.

Step 7: After filling the complete Registration Form, click on the submit button to complete the registration process.

Step 8: Now, a new Registration Number will be generated and displayed on the screen.

Application Form

Step 10: After Login with the registered User ID and Password, a new window will appear where the applicant can apply for the new Recognition or Upload the current “Approval Letter” if the applicant is an Approved Operator.

Upload Scanned Documents

Step 11: Now upload all the documents that are mentioned above then click on “save and proceed” button. (Documents to be in jpg, jpeg or pdf format)

Step 12: All the documents mentioned in the form are mandatory to upload to get the approval.

Step 13: On successful completion, the applicant will receive an application number on their registered e-mail address and phone number. The application number can be used to further track the application status.

Renewal Process

After the Acceptance of the Approval Letter from Scrutiny, the Status of the Application will be changed from Pending to Apply for renewal or Appy for fresh, that depends on the expiry date of the Approval Letter.

LTC Allowance Scheme

According to the official order from the Department of Tourism, J&K administration has announced that the Central government employees can fly to Jammu and Kashmir under LTC allowance scheme till September 2020. LTC is granted to the central government employees – excluding employees with spouses working with the Indian Railways to facilitate the home travel as well as travel to the different parts of the country.

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