e-way Bill and Vahan System

Integration of e-way Bill and Vahan System

Integration of e-way Bill and Vahan System

With the introduction of Goods and Service Tax, an e-way bill system was also implemented. Electronic way bill generation is mandatory for transportation of goods under Goods and Service Tax. Currently, the Government has decided to integrate the e-way bill with the Vahan system. The integration aims to curb the GST evasion and also to improve the countries operational efficiency. The present article highlights the latest integrated of e-way bill and Vahan system as proposed by the Government.

Understanding the Vahan System

Vahan system contains the vehicle database which is being operated and used by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways. The system is highly flexible and comprehensive that looks after all the activities relating to Vehicle Registration.

e-way Bill and Vahan System Integration

The e-way bill and Vahan system would be integrated in the following manner:

  • The vehicle number mentioned in the e-way bill will be verified with the Vahan system.
  • In case the vehicle number is not available in the Vahan system, the user will get an alert message regarding non-availability of the vehicle number in the Vahan database.
  • Only the vehicle number, which is available in the Vahan database, will be allowed to generate the e-way bill.
  • The vehicle number which is not available in the Vahan system, will not be allowed for the generation of the e-way bill. The user will have to update the Vahan database only after which e-way bill generation would be possible.

Addition of Vehicle Number

As seen above, it is important to add the vehicle number in the Vahan system in order to generate the e-way bill. In case the vehicle number is not added, the user needs to follow the below steps for adding the same:

  1. In order to add the vehicle number, the user needs to visit the respective RTO (Regional Transport Office).
  2. The user needs to take an original Registration Certificate (i.e. RC) of the vehicle and any other relevant document on the basis of which the details would be updated in the Vahan system.

Verification of Vehicle Number in Vahan System

In order to check the existence of the vehicle number in the Vahan system, one needs to follow the below step:

  1. Visit site https://vahan.nic.in/nrservices/faces/user/login.xhtml.
  2. Click on ‘Know Your Vehicle Details’ icon.
  3. Provide the following details:
    1. Vehicle Number and
    2. Verification code.
  4. Click on ‘Search Vehicle’.

If the vehicle number is already added in Vahan system, then on clicking ‘Search Vehicle’, Vehicle details showing in registering authority would be displayed.

Other important points

  • Detailing with the movement of a vehicle having temporary registration:

If the vehicle has the temporary registration number, the user needs to enter the temporary registration details (starting with TR) in the e-way bill.

The user needs to contact the e-way bill helpdesk. The user should submit the grievance, specifying the vehicle number which is appearing the Vahan system but not appearing in the e-way bill portal.

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