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eSathi Portal


eSathi Portal

The government of Uttar Pradesh has introduced an eServices Access to Help Individuals (eSathi) integrated portal. eSathi portal is developed for delivering Government services through eDistrict as well as department portal. The services of the eDistrict project are provided directly to the registered account of the citizen. In this article, we look at the eSathi portal in detail.

Services in eSathi Portal

The list of service providers includes various departments which are functioned under this portal are mentioned below:  

  • Revenue Department
  • Urban Development Department/ Panchayat Raj Department
  • Panchayati Raj Department
  • Home Department
  • Training and Employment Department
  • Ration Card related services
  • Social Welfare Department
  • Women Welfare and Child Development Department
  • Department of Disabled Welfare
  • Police Department
  • Agriculture Department

Revenue Department

Under Revenue Department the online application has to be submitted through avail the list of certificates such as Income certificate, caste certificatedomicile certificate and apart from that following are the services like intimation copy, daily revenue dispute table, view court order for revenue dispute, revenue statement is also accessible.

Urban Development Department/ Panchayat Raj Department

Under the department of urban development / Panchayat Raj, the citizens can request a birth certificate and death certificate by submitting an online application form for both.

Panchayati Raj Department

This department allows the applicant to apply online for a copy of the family register.

Home Department

This department allows making an online application for permission to use loudspeaker/public speaking system/sound expander device are submitted through this portal.

Training and Employment Department

It provides the online facility for making application for employment registration and application for renewal of employment registration.

Ration Card related services

It facilities the user with the online services such as an application for new ration card, application for ration card amendment, application for surrender of ration card.

Social Welfare Department

The following services can be utilised under this department are listed out:

  • Application for a pension for the unemployed female (widow) pensioner.
  • Application for financial assistance for women under dowry scheme.
  • Application for legal aid to women in dowry harassment.
  • Application for grant scheme for the marriage of the widow of the destitute women daughter.
  • Application for couple award for promotion of widow marriage.
  • Application for widow pension.

Department of Disabled Welfare

The disabled welfare department facilities the user with the following services is listed out.

  • To apply for loan application by a disabled person.
  • Application for marriage grant for the disabled person.
  • Help and Equipment Application for the disabled person.
  • Disabled Pension.

Police Department

This department benefits the user with the list of services mentioned below.

  • Complaint Registration
  • Application for tenant verification
  • Domestic servant requests for employee verification
  • Employee Verification Request
  • E-F.I.R
  • Character certificate request

Agriculture Department

The agricultural services can be availed by the people under this agriculture department.

eSathi Portal Registration

 The citizens can apply through the official portal of eSathi to get the different department services, follow the steps mentioned below:

Provide Login Details

Step 1: You need to provide login details for applying through any of the services.

Existing User Registration

Step 2: In case of an existing user, enter login id, password and captcha and then click on the “Submit” button.

eSathi - Image 1
eSathi – Image 1

New User Registration

Step 3: If you are not an existing user click on “New Registration” tab the current page will be redirected to the login application page where you have to fill the online application form for user registration.

eSathi - Image 2
eSathi – Image 2

Complete the Details

Step 4: Now, enter the details that are marked as compulsory and then click on the “Submit” button.

Choose the Department

Step 5: Select the department, and then you can start applying for the appropriate services.

Application Form

Step 6: Fill the application form with the relevant details and upload the required documents.

Make Online Payment

Step 7: After completing the application with the details, the appropriate fee for the services will have to be made through the payment link.

Choose Payment Mode

Step 8: Online payment can be made using either debit card, credit card and net banking.

Successful Payment

Step 9: After making successful payment an initial bank registration ID will be made available.

Receive Acknowledgement

Step 10: Then the applicant will receive an acknowledgement number as the confirmation of successful submission of application through SMS.

Status of the Application

Step 11: Then the assessing authority will verify the status of the application if approved the certificate information will be intimated to the applicant through SMS.

eSathi Mobile App

The Government of Uttar Pradesh has enlarged the services of eDistrict directly to the registered account of the citizen through eSathi (e-Services Access To Help Individuals) Mobile App, developed by NIC Uttar Pradesh. eSathi has enabled the citizen to avail all the essential services of eDistrict through their Smartphone including current status checking and verifying of the issued certificate. User Charges may be remitted by using Net Banking or Debit Card through the payment gateway. The citizen can download the eSathi Mobile app in his smartphone and apply for all the available eDistrict Services.

Help Desk Information

For further queries regarding your application, please contact the following number below:

Email Id: [email protected]

Phone number: 0522-2304706

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