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UP Nivesh Mitra

Nivesh Mitra Portal UP

UP Nivesh Mitra

The Uttar Pradesh Government has launched UP Nivesh Mitra that serves as a single window portal for entrepreneurs and business people. The portal provides seventy services from twenty departments in Uttar Pradesh that is related to businesses and industries. In this article, we look at the various features of the UP Nivesh Mitra portal in detail.

Objective of the Portal

The primary aim of the portal is to provide the measures to carry out businesses in simple procedures by facilitating entrepreneurs with an electronic-based transparent system for online submission and tracking of applications. This is followed by the inclusion of online fee payment. It is necessary to speed up the business/ company registrations and formalities to start a business in the state. The Uttar Pradesh government is very particular in getting the attraction for investment in the state in order to increase job opportunities that eventually leads to the economic growth of the state.

Vision of UP Nivesh Mitra

To collaborate in the holistic development of industry-friendly environment by continuous regulatory processes, efficient system with useful and measurable timelines.

Overview of UP Nivesh Mitra

UP Nivesh Mitra is a single window portal offering several approvals, application forms, consolidated fee payments and monitoring status for entrepreneurs and business in the state. Moreover, the portal provides required certificates, no objection certificates with the approvals and licenses online. Startups, entrepreneurs, firms and companies can apply for their required certificate online. Once the documents are approved, the candidates can download the digitally signed certification from the website. This single window system provides all facilitation and handholding supports to the investors intending to start a business or to operate a business in the state.

Portal Highlights

The UP Nivesh Mitra ensures the following.

  • To make compliances easy and user-friendly
  • To enforce regulatory reforms
  • To ease investor facilitation processes
  • To deliver quality services in a transparent manner
  • To provide end to end digitalisation of departmental processes

Services Rendered by the Portal

The UP Nivesh Mitra portal serves as a single platform to carry out hassle-free business. The portal works with a  motto of creating a time-bound and transparent process that is expected to attract business throughout the country and also from foreign countries. The services that are provided by the portal are as follows.

  • Labour, Stamp and Registration
  • Forest
  • Environment
  • Public works
  • Food Safety and Drugs Administration
  • Energy
  • Urban Development
  • Housing
  • Revenue
  • Excise
  • Legal Metrology
  • Registrar – Firms, societies and chits
  • Electrical Inspectorate
  • Fire
  • UP State Industrial Development Corporation (UPSIDC)
  • Pradeshiya Industrial and Investment Corporation (PICUP)
  • Greater NOIDA
  • Yamuna Expressways Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA)

Features of UP Nivesh Mitra

Given below are the characteristics of UP Nivesh Mitra Portal.

  • An electronic-based transparent system used for online submission, tracking of application status and online fee payment.
  • Fee payment can be made using Internet banking, Rajkosh and other online payment options.
  • The portal serves as an entrepreneur-friendly application to simplify the procedures to do businesses in the state.
  • The portal is a one-stop solution for investor onboarding.
  • It is considered as time-bound delivery of government regulatory services.
  • Provision of Common Application Form (CAF) required for applying pre-establishment and pre-operation clearances and approvals.
  • The details entered by the entrepreneur in CAF is auto-populated in clearance specific application form.
  • The portal facilitates online payment of processing of application fee.
  • The user can download the final approved digitally signed NOC in pdf format.
  • The ‘Know Your Approvals’ feature assists investors in understanding the approvals that are required.
  • The portal provides seamless integration with the concerned departments.
  • Entrepreneurs can view the status online and clarify the objections.
  • The portal provides all relevant information, government orders, process flows of all concerned departments with the help of user manuals and guidelines.
  • Saves time and effort as repeated visits to different departments that are not required.
  • It helps to reduce the timelines for clearances and approvals.
  • Online access, document submission and processing of application forms to start industries and enterprises are provided.
  • Sends automatic SMS and e-mail responses to entrepreneurs that are generated at every stage.
  • Online monitoring of the application can be done by entrepreneurs, the concerned department and DIC at the District level, Divisional level and State level.
  • Provisions of grievance redressal and online feedback submission on draft government policies are enabled.
  • Help Desk facility is available in the office of District industries centres, to provide necessary assistance.
  • Guidelines and process details for clearances can be availed online.
  • Tracking of an application can be made with colour coding to highlight those exceeding the time limit.

Registration Procedure

Entrepreneurs and businesses can register online for EODB platform and then log in to the profiles to apply for various approvals, clearances and certificates.

Step 1: Login to the Entrepreneur Registration

The user has to login to the entrepreneur registration.

Step 1: UP Nivesh Mitra
Step 1: UP Nivesh Mitra

Step 2: Enter the Details

The user has to enter the following details int the portal.

  • Company/ enterprise name
  • User’s name
  • Email ID
  • Mobile number
  • Contact Details

Once the details are produced, the user has to click on the Register button to complete the registration procedure.

Step 3: Apply for Certificates

Once logging in, the user can apply for various certificates.