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How do I Register for GST E-way Bill?


Check GST E-way Status & Create an E-way Bill Online Login

E-way bill is used under the GST regime to track the movement of goods across India

E-way bill is now mandatory for the transport of goods with a value of more than Rs.50,000. E-way bill can be generated for free from the GST E-way Bill Portal or through SMS facility.

However, before generating the e-way bill, the taxpayer must be registered on the e-way bill portal. In this article, we provide a step-by-step guide to obtaining e-way bill registration.

Documents Required E-way Bill Registration

Registration on the e-way bill portal must be completed before generating e-way bills. The following documents are required for registration:

  • GST registration certificate of the registered taxpayer/transporter.
  • A mobile number with a cellphone.

E-way Bill Portal Registration

E-way bill registration and the facility to generate e-way bill can be obtained by the following categories of persons:

  • Registered suppliers with GST registration.
  • Transporters with GST registration
  • Transporters not having GST registration.

E-Way Bill Registration for Registered Suppliers

The process for creating an e-way bill portal login for registered suppliers is very simple. On the e-Way Bill portal, a supplier having GST registration can click on the e-way bill Registration link to begin the enrollment process. After selecting e-way bill registration, the taxpayer must enter GSTIN and select GO. The screen shown below with details of the GST registration information will be shown:

E-way Bill Registration
E-way Bill Registration

Click on Send OTP and complete the OTP authentication. Once, the OTP is authenticated, the user must provide a username that can be used for the account and set up the password. After the portal verifies and approves the username and password, the user can begin to use the e-way bill portal.

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E-Way Bill Registration for Unregistered Transporters

In case of a transporter not having GST registration, he/she can still obtain the facility for issuing and authenticating e-way bills by registering on the e-way bill portal.

Steps to Register on the E-way bill – Unregistered Transporters

To obtain e-way bill registration for a transporter not registered under GST, visit the e-way bill portal and select registration -> Enrolment for transporters.

To transporter shall provide the following information during registration:

E-way Bill Registration for Unregistered Transporters

Upload a copy of identity and address proof in the place requested and select a username/password for the account. Once, uploading all the information and documents on the portal select submit. A Transporter ID would then be generated along with e-bill portal access. The transporter can use the credentials for operating the e-way bill portal.

E-Way Bill Registration for Taxpayers/Registered Transporters

In case of a transporter having GST registration, the process for obtaining e-way bill portal access is similar to that of a person having GST registration as below.

  • Step 1:  Go to the e-way bill portal.
  • Step 2: Go to the Registration tab and click on e-way bill registration.
  • Step 3: Generate an OTP and submit the same.
  • Step 4: Create the user ID and password

After entering all the required information correctly, the portal creates the user id and password.

E-way Bill Portal Access for Unregistered Supplier:

If an unregistered provider supplies goods to a person having GST registration, the receiver of the goods should generate the e-way bill on the e-way bill portal on behalf of the unregistered person.

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