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Birth Certificate in Kerala


Birth Certificate in Kerala

All Indian Citizens need to obtain a Birth Certificate from the Government to avail various facilities provided by the Government. The birth certificate is an essential document that would be required for admission to the school, college, or any other institution. Also, a birth certificate is required for obtaining identities like passport, voter id, driving license, and marriage certificate. Finally, a birth certificate would also be helpful while applying for visas and Green Card.

Requirement for Registration

Under the rules and regulations in India, the following events are to be registered with the Gramapanchayat or Municipality, Municipal Corporation or Kannur Cantonment when it occurred:

  1. Live births
  2. Stillbirths (Foetal deaths with the period of pregnancy 28 weeks or more)
  3. Death
  4. Marriages (Under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or Kerala Registration of Marriages(Common) Rules, 2008)

If a child is born outside India and the parents are Indian citizens, then the event can be registered at the Indian Consulate under the Citizenship Act, 1955, and that birth need not registered again under Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969 in India.

Also, the death of an Indian Citizen occurred outside India can be registered only at the Indian Consulate in that country under the Citizenship Act, 1955.

Documents Required for Birth Certificate

In Kerala, to obtain a birth certificate it requires the following documents:

Proof of birth issued by the hospital where Child is born

  • Parents identity proof for verification
  • Parents’ birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate of parents

In addition to the above, the following information would be required:

  • Place of birth
  • Gender
  • Date and time of birth
  • Name of Child

Kerala Birth Certificate Application Form

To obtain Birth Certificate in Kerala, the following application form must be used:

Birth Certificate Kerala

You can follow the steps below for completing and submitting the birth certificate registration form:

  1. Date of Birth –  Enter the exact date, month, and year, the Child was born (dd/mm/yyyy).
  2. Sex –  Enter ‘male’ or ‘female.’ Do not use abbreviations. This item helps in the identification of the Child. It is used for measuring gender ratios in various demographics, population, and health-related characteristics and for making population estimates and projections.
  3. Name of Child – Enter the full name of the Child, if already named. The title should include the surname also if any. If the Child has not been named, then this column should be left blank. This column may be filled up when the name
    is communicated. Do not enter ‘Baby girl’ or ‘Baby boy.’
  4. Name of the father – Enter the full name of the father as usually written. Also, include surname. Do not use short names or pet names.
  5. The name of the mother enters the full name of the mother, as usually written. Also include surname, if any. Do not use short or pet names.
  6. Place of Birth – Hospital or Institution name. If the birth takes place in the hospital or institution, put a tick mark against the entry 1 and enter the name of the hospital/institution in the space provided. If the birth takes place in a house, tick the entry 2 and give the complete postal address of the house in the area provided. This item helps in identifying domiciliary births and institutional birth and facilitates future searches and queries.
  7. Informant’s name Address – Enter the full name of the informant, including surname, if any. Also, enter her or his or her complete postal address.
  8. Place of Residence of the mother – Enter the name of the place where the mother usually lives. Never enter a temporary residence, name of town or village, name of the district,  name of the state. This place can be different from the place where the delivery occurred and can even be in a different district or state.
  9. The religion of the Family – Put a tick mark against the appropriate item. If any other religion writes the name of the faith against item 4. 1. Hindu 2. Muslim 3. Christian 4. Any other Religion
  10. Father’s level of education
  11. Mother’s level of education – In both the above items, enter the completed level of education. For example, if he or she has studied up to class VI but passed only class V, write class V. In case a person cannot read or write with understanding a sentence in any language he or she is treated as illiterate and in such a case enter ‘uneducated. ‘ A person can be literate without any formal education and, in such case, enter literate without formal education.
  12. Father’s occupation – Enter the usual occupation of the father at the time of the birth of the Child. If the father is pursuing no occupation, enter ‘Nil.’ If the father is engaged in more than one occupation, then write the major one in terms of the time disposition.
  13. Mother’s occupation – Naturally, the mother is not pursuing any occupation at the time of delivery of the Child. Therefore, enter the occupation usually pursued, before suspending the same to deliver the Child. Even if the mother suspended her activity early in her pregnancy, enter that occupation.
  14. Age of mother (in completed years) at the time of marriage – Enter the date of a valid marriage. In some areas, the marriage is completed at a very young age but is consummated after some years. In such cases, the age at which the marriage is first consummated is the age of marriage. In the case of more than one marriage, enter the age at first marriage. In case not married, write ‘not married.’
  15. Age of the mother (in completed years) at the time of this birth – Number of children born alive to the mother so far, including this Child. Enter the number of children born alive. This should include the number of children born alive from an earlier marriage(s) also.  Sometimes the children who have left the household or given away to relatives or friends for adoption are wrongly omitted. Keep these in mind at the time of making this entry.
  16. Type of attention at delivery – Institutional – Government, Institutional – Private of Non-Government, Doctor, Nurse of a Trained midwife, Traditional Birth attendant, relatives, and others. The first two items relate to births occurring within the institution, and the last three relate to non-institutional events.
  17. Method of Delivery – Natural, Cesarean, Forceps or Vacuum
    Tick one of the items only. In the case of an institution, the institutional authorities can fill in the items.
  18. Birth Weight (in kg) – Enter baby birth weight in kg, rounded to one decimal digit; for example. 3.5 kg.
  19. Duration of pregnancy – Enter this information in a number of weeks. This information again will be readily available in the institutions. Write ‘Not Known’ if not available.

It’s mandatory to attach all the necessary documents with the application form for registration.

Fee for Birth Certificate

Fees chargeable for various services are below for reference.

Transaction Fees
Registration of birth reported to the Registrar Within 21 days from date of birth Nil
21 to 30 days from date of birth Rs.2
31 days to 1 year from date of birth Rs.5
After 1 year from date of birth Rs.10
Name inclusion of the Child in the Birth Register After 12 months from the date of registration of birth Rs.5
For granting non-availability certificate of birth Rs.2

Download Kerala Birth Certificate

After the completion of the above procedure, one can download the birth certificate easily through the Government website. You can follow the steps below to download the birth certificate:

Step 1: Go to the Sevana website (Online site for civil registrations in Kerala).

Step 2: Select “Registration of Births & Deaths

Step 3: Go to the “Certificate Search” link. Select your district, Local body type, and Local body then click submit

Step 4: On the next page. Select year of birth.

Step 5: Provide details to complete a search.

Step  6: Click on the search result. You will get the Birth certificate on the next screen.

If the Birth Certificate Data in the year of your Child’s birth is not available online, you need to visit the Panchayat, Municipality or Corporation and apply in person.