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Registration of IECs in the new DGFT Platform

De-Activation of IECs not updated at DGFT

Registration of IECs in the new DGFT Platform

Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) launched a new DGFT platform on 13th July 2020 to ensure the Ease of Doing Business. DGFT has now issued the procedure for Registration of IECs in the new DGFT Platform vide a Trade Notification.33/2020-2021 dated 28th October 2020. With this notification, DGFT informed that the various DGFT services would be migrated into the newly revamped DGFT platform. Hence, the IEC Holders are requested to register on the DGFT platform and update their IECs. This revamped DGFT platform will become accessible through the Existing DGFT website. The present article briefly describes registering IECs in the new DGFT Platform.

The objective of Revamped DGFT Platform

Introducing these revamped systems aims to provide paperless, digital, efficient, and transparent services to the exporters and importers and to further the overall goal of Trade Facilitation and Digital India.

New DGFT Platform – Trade notification dated 25th June 2020

The DGFT, vide its trade notification dated 25th June 2020, has announced the launch New DGFT Platform to make business services easy and better for traders. DGFT has also notified that the DGFT will be offering services related to the Importer Exporter Code (Digital Delivery of IEC) in the first phase. All other online services will be rolled out after the first phase stabilizes.

Subsequently, the next phase of the following service will be rolled out soon; exporters/importers are requested to register IECs in the new DGFT Platform.

Services offered by Revamped DGFT platform

The following services will be offered to Exporter/Importer in the DGFT’s newly developed revamped platform:

  • The online processes relating to the entire lifecycle of Advance Authorisation, EPCG & DFIA, including their paperless Exports Obligation Discharge (EODC)
  • Norms Fixation, Free Sale & Commerce Certificate, Steel Import Monitoring System(SIMS), Import Licensing, and some other processes

Among other services, the new online DGFT system will have two-way communication between the DGFT and the exporter/importer. It will allow the applicant to monitor the status of the applications, reply to deficiencies, raise queries, etc.

Import Export Code (IEC)

The Importer-Exporter Code (IEC) is a key business identification number that is mandatory for Exports or Imports. No person shall make any import or export except under an IEC Number granted by the DGFT. In the case of import or export of services or technology, the IEC shall be required only when the service or technology provider is taking benefits under the Foreign Trade Policy or is dealing with specified services or technologies.

You can apply for an Import Export code through IndiaFilings and obtain it within 6 to 7 days.

Announcement for Importer/Exporter

Concerning this proposed rollout, the DGFT is providing the following announcement for Importer/Exporter:

DGFT User Registration

The new DGFT platform is accessible through user-based IDs for applying online. All Import Export Code holders are encouraged to create login IDs through an online registration process, preferably well before the rollout of the next phase of the platform in the 2-3 weeks.

For user ID creation, mobile number/email ids will be mandatorily required. The same will be authenticated by the OTP/email-based authentication process.

Link the login IDs to the specific IEC

The exporters/importers must also link their login IDs to their specific IEC. The linking process will be available post login through an authentication process using a Digital Signature Certificate or Aadhaar-based e-Sign.

Aadhaar based e-Sign

Only the Aadhaar e-sign of the proprietors/directors/partners/Karta etc., as mentioned on their IEC, may be used for Aadhaar-based authentication.

Digital Signature certificates

For Digital Signature certificates (DSC), a Class-III Certificate is allowed. The given DSC may be of any of the three types:

  • Individual DSC of the proprietors/directors/partners/Karta
  • Organization-based DSC, where the firm Name matches the Name on the IEC. The given DSC type may be issued in the Name of any authorized signatory (according to the rules of the Controller of Certifying Authorities)
  • IEC-based DSC wherein IEC is embedded as a parameter in the DSC

IndiaFilings can help you get a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate with an ePass Token with a validity of 2 years and a secure USB token.

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is required for getting IEC issued from DGFT. DSC has been re-introduced in IEC to strengthen the IEC issuance and modification processes. Refer to the following table to know more about the type of DSC tokens allowed and the validation details.

Allowed Token Types Type of Entity/Firm Validation
IEC Based Token All Types of Organizations such as Proprietorship, Partnership, Company, Trust, Society, etc. IEC is checked with IEC in DGFT
Class 2 and 3 Individual-Based Token All types of Firms like – Proprietorship, Partnership, companies, Trust, Society, etc. Note: Only Private Limited, Public Limited, and One Person Company MCA Validated Directors are allowed. PAN Number in the IEC should match with the PAN Number (Serial Number (Using HASH256)) in DSC. Organization Name is either Personal, blank, or Null.
Class 2 and Class 3 Organization-Based Token For All Entities/Firms other than Proprietorship, i.e., Partnership, Company, HUF, Karta, Trust, Society, etc Organization Name in the DSC is checked with the Name as per PAN in the DGFT Database.

Post linking of the IEC

Post-linking of the IEC, the IEC holders are requested to complete the IEC auto validation process by using the ‘Modify IEC’ method after logging in.

Update Profile

IEC holders must update their Profile details using the ‘Manage Profile’ option. Details related to Industrial Registrations, Export Performance details, and others should be duly filled in. Please note that the profile updating is automatic and does not require approval or fees.

Pre-Requisite for IEC Registration in DGFT Platform

  • DGFT Portal Login Credentials (After Portal Registration)
  • DSC Type 3 IEC Based / Aadhaar for Proprietor or Director/Partner of the Firm.

Procedure for IEC Registration in the new DGFT Platform

The exporter/importers are requested to visit the DGFT website and proceed with the registration process.

Registration of IECs in the new DGFT Platform - Login Page
Registration of IECs in the new DGFT Platform – Login Page

Enter the Registration Details and provide the OTPs received by email and mobile number.

Registration of IECs in the new DGFT Platform - User Registration
Registration of IECs in the new DGFT Platform – User Registration

Upon successful Validation of the OTP, the exporter/importer shall receive a notification containing the temporary password which they need to change upon the first Login

Once the user registers and logs in to the revamped the DGFT Portal

  • Existing Importer/Exporter shall Link the Import Export Code
  • Importer/Exporter can Apply for Import Export Code

Log in to the official website of the DGFT website and Proceed with the registration process by clicking on Login as mentioned above:

Registration of IECs in the new DGFT Platform - User Login
Registration of IECs in the new DGFT Platform – User Login
  • Enter IEC Number and Click on the Validate option. Validation by Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) can happen only after registering DSC on CP.
  • Once the Validation Completes, then click on Validate with DSC / e-Sign with Aadhaar Card
  • Once linked, the importer/exporter can add additional users as primary or secondary users to an IEC.

Procedure to link IEC in the DGFT

Proceed with Link IEC the process by clicking on the “Link IEC” button on the dashboard or selecting the “My Dashboard option from Menu and clicking on the Importer Exporter Code (IEC) option and clicking on the Link your profile to IEC option.

Enter your IEC number which you want to link to your profile in the Importer Exporter Code field and then click on Link IEC.

With the click of the Link IEC button, the IEC number is validated and the Digital signature window will be opened in a Pop-Up. Select an Option and Proceed with Signing.

Once the IEC is linked Importer/Exporter to the IEC. The user shall be able to perform the following activities.

  • See the IEC Details
  • Modify the IEC
  • Details/Profile
  • View and Print the IEC Certificate

The notification about the Registration of IECs in the new DGFT Platform is as follows:

Trade Notice 33 for Stage 1B go-live