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Punjab Legal Heir Certificate


Punjab Legal Heir Certificate

In the state of Punjab, a legal heir or surviving member certificate is an important legal document which can be obtained from the Tehsildars of the relevant Tehsil by the surviving person of the deceased. Legal heir certificate confirms the relationship between the heirs and the deceased person for claims recited to pension, assets, provident fund or other benefits from the Government. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining Punjab legal heir certificate.

Reason for Obtaining Legal Heir Certificate

Legal heir certificate is often required for claiming a deceased person’s property. The surviving members of a deceased person’s family can acquire claims related to insurance, pension, official service advantages, retirement privileges of the government offices, Government works and also can acquire the property settlements using a legal heir or surviving member certificate.

Eligibility Criteria

The respective individuals are eligible to apply for a legal heir certificate in Punjab.

  • Son or daughter of the deceased person.
  • Wife of the deceased person.
  • Sibling of the deceased person.
  • Mother or Father of the deceased person.

Government Fee

The applicant can register for legal heir certificate in the state of Punjab by remitting a fee of Rs.5 for the application copy of legal heir certificate.

Documents Required

The specified documents are to be furnished at the time of submitting the application form.

  • Application form.
  • Ration card.
  • Aadhaar Card and Voter ID.
  • Passport size photograph.
  • Death certificate of deceased in the original.
  • An affidavit, containing declaration form all surviving member.
  • Residence certificate of the deceased.

Processing Time

A legal heir certificate will be issued within 15 working days from the date of application.

Concerned Authority for Certified Copy

The application for legal heir certificate is reviewed by the concerned authority for issuing the same in the state of Punjab is Tehsildar of the respective Tehsil.

Application Procedure for Punjab Legal Heir Certificate

The applicant can get a legal heir certificate in Punjab by following the below-mentioned steps:

Approach the Nearest Sewa Kendra

Step 1: The applicant has to visit the nearest Sewa Kendra centre to collect the application form for a legal heir certificate.

Complete the Details

Step 2: Now, fill the application form with the appropriate details such as

  • Deceased person’s name
  • Names of all the family members and their relationship with the deceased.
  • Applicant Signature
  • Date of Application
  • Residential Address

Attach the Required Documents

Step 3: After filling the application form, attach the required documents along with it.

Submit the Application Form

Step 4: Submit the duly filled application form along with the documents to the same Sewa Kendra centre.

Make Payment

Step 5: Upon submission, the applicant must make a specified payment to proceed further.

Receive Acknowledgement Number

Step 6: After making payment, the applicant will receive the acknowledgement number as the confirmation of submission.

Note: Then the concerned authority will check the application submitted, and after verification, the certified copy of legal heir will be issued to the applicant.

Validity of Legal Heir Certificate

The legal heir or surviving member certificate is valid for a lifetime, and hence there is no need for renewal.