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Marriage Registration Procedure in Kerala


Marriage Registration Procedure in Kerala

Marriages that are solemnized in the State of Kerala are governed by The Kerala Registration of Marriages (Common) Rules, 2008. You can complete your marriage registration online Kerala or through the Registrar offices. In this article, we review the process for marriage registration Kerala, terms of Marriage, documents to be submitted along with Form 1 and related mandatory documents as well as conditions. This article gives you comprehensive information and instructions regarding Marriage Registration online Kerala.

Marriage Laws and Regulations

State Governments govern marriage laws and regulations. In Kerala, a marriage can be registered under the following three Acts:

Advantages of Marriage Registration

Before getting to know how to register marriage in Kerala, let’s look at the advantages of marriage registration, 

  • A marriage certificate is a document that provides proof that a married woman is married to the person whose name and photo is mentioned in the marriage certificate.
  • A marriage certificate is a document that enables social security, self-confidence to a married woman.
  • A marriage certificate is also valuable while applying for a visa or passport for the wife or husband.
  • The marriage certificate also aids in claiming bank deposits or life insurance related benefits to the wife of the insurer after the death of the insurer with no nomination of any person.

Application for Marriage Registration

The marriage registration application must be submitted within 45 days from the date of solemnization of the Marriage. There is a prescribed form for applying i.e., Form No.1, that is available free of charge at the registrar offices. Memorandum in duplicate form related to Form No. I and one passport size photo each of husband and wife, a total of three photos needed. Two photos are for affixing in the memorandum and one in the marriage register. To complete the registration, parties to the marriages, along with two witnesses, should be present during the time of registration. It is necessary requirement in the process of how to register marriage in Kerala.

Special Marriage Act

Persons of any faith can get married under the Special Marriage Act. However, before being registered under the Special Marriage Act, the bride and groom must approach the local Registrar’s office and apply for marriage registration. On making an application, the Registrar would display in the notice board of the Registrar’s office for 30 days about the intent of the couple to get married.

During this period, anybody who wishes to object the Marriage may do so by visiting the Registrar with their evidence. The objection will be considered if the reason is very genuine. However, the parents or relatives or any person related to the applicants would not be able to object to the Marriage.

Post 30 days; the non-objection Certificate will return to the Registrar’s office, where they had initially applied. The bride and groom with 3 witnesses must now approach the Registrar for the final procedure of registration within 6 months at a maximum. All of them must bring their photo identification card. In normal cases, the applicants receive their certification of Marriage on the same day. Once the certificates are ready could access them online and get it printed for future purposes. The signed application for Marriage, regulated under the Special marriage act, would not be capable of rejection by the Registrar under any situation.

The requirement for Marriage under the Special Marriage Act

While making an application for special Marriage, the bride and groom have to certify the following:

  • Neither has a spouse living on the date mentioned in the application.
  • Neither is an idiot or lunatic.
  • Both have completed the age of 20 on years on the date of the marriage registration application.
  • Both are not within the degree of prohibited relationship.

Marriage Registration Kerala Application Form

The type of application used for marriage registration Kerala depends on the Act under which the registration is made. In case of marriage registration under the Hindu Marriage Act, the following form can be used:

Download Marriage Registration Application Form 1 – Hindu Marriages

In case of Marriage under the Special Marriage Act, the following application form can be used:

Download Marriage Registration Application – Special Marriages Act

Registration Fee

A registration fee of Rs. 100 should be payable along with the submission of the memorandum for the reason of registration. A marriage certificate fee of Rs.20 can also be paid during the time of registration – a total of Rs.120. For SC or ST or BPL persons, the fee for registration shall be Rs.10. If the application is submitted after 45 days of solemnization and within a year of Marriage, a certificate in Form II, along with a fine of rupees, one hundred should too be remitted. If submitted after one year, the application must be accompanied by a fine amounting to rupees two hundred and fifty.

Documents Required for Kerala Marriage registration

Here are the necessary documents to complete marriage registration online Kerala or else offline mode.

  • Attested copy of the certificate that proves the age of husband
  • Attested copy of the certificate that proves the age of the wife
  • Copy of the Certificate from auditorium or marriage place or religious authority concerned or a declaration in form II obtained from an MP or MLA or Gazetted Officer or Member of Local Self Government Institution about solemnization of marriages.
  • The marriage invitation letter is optional.
  • Form 2 that is certified by a Gazetted officer or elected representatives or any other proof of solemnization of Marriage to the approval of Local Registrar or Registrar General in the event of delayed applications.
  • For age proof documents, namely SSLC book or driving license or Passport or School admission register or other records that are issued by the Government is acceptable.
  • Identify the Proof of Bride and Groom
  • Address Proof of Bride and Groom
  • Memorandum signed by both parties to the marriage along with two persons considered as witnesses.
  • Application form accompanied by a copy of the Certificate to prove age, marriage solemnization, and so on.

Kerala Marriage Registration Online

Follow the steps below to complete the marriage registration kerala within one year of solemnization. The details are required to be provided before the date of Marriage, but the application can be submitted only after the solemnization of marriage for the kerala marriage registration. 

Step 1: Visit the Sevana website.

Step 2: Select the Registration of Marriages option from the Documents menu.


Step 3: On the next page, click on Online form submission.


Step 4:  Select the District and Local body and click on the submit button.


Login to Sevana

Step 5: Now, the login screen is visible. If already a registered user, you can directly login to the site by providing username and password.


Step 6: For a new registration, select New Login. Provide all the details for registration.


Enter Form I Details

Step 7:  After completion of the registration, you will receive the data entry screen for Form 1.

Step 8: Enter all the mandatory fields 

  • Communication Details
  • Local Body Details
  • Details of Marriage
  • General details of Bride and Groom
  • Bride’s Parents Details
  • Groom’s Parents Details
  • Witness Details

Upload Photos

Step 9:  The photos of the Groom and Bride photos need to be uploaded.

Submit the Application

Step 10: After entering all details and uploading photos, click on the submit button.

Step 11: After successful submission generates Form I for verification.

Step 12: After making corrections in the application, resubmit the form for updating the correction.

Submit Hard Copy to Local body

Step 13: Take a print out of this form submitted to the concerned local body duly signed by all concerned.

Step 14:  The husband and wife need to file this application in person along with the required fee in the concerned local body where the Marriage is solemnized.

Sign on Form II

Step 15:  The concerned official of the local body will download the application from the web, incorporate inward number and fee payment details, verify the particulars with the documents furnished, and he/she will make corrections, if necessary.

Step 16: After the verification, the concerned official will issue Form III to husband and wife to sign on that.

This is the standard process for Kerala marriage registration

Delayed Applications

If applying after one year of solemnization, registration is done after getting the delay condoned from the authorized authority.

In case of delayed application, the registration officials will forward the application along with the Form II and other mandatory enclosures to the concerned Registrar General for condoning the delay.

Download Marriage Certificate

Download the marriage certificate from Sevana – Kerala Government Civil Services online portal after completing the application procedure for marriage registration kerala. Follow the step by step guidelines to Marriage certificate download Kerala after you done the Kerala marriage registration:

Step 1: In the Sevana website (Online site for civil registrations in Kerala) Select Certificate Search option from the menu.


Step 2: Select your district, Local body type, and Local body from the drop-down menu. Click on submit to view the status of the available record.

Step 3: Now, select the year of Marriage.


Step 4:  You need to enter the below-mentioned details.

  • Date of Marriage
  • Name of Husband
  • Name of Wife
  • Marriage Place
  • Registration number
  • Key number

Step 5: After entering captcha Image details, click on the search result. On the next screen, you will get the Marriage certificate. Now, you can begin engage in marriage certificate download Kerala.


If the Marriage Certificate Data is not available online, you need to report to the Panchayat /Municipality / Corporation and apply in person.