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India Handmade Bazaar – Seller Registration

India Handmade Bazaar

India Handmade Bazaar – Seller Registration

India Handmade Bazaar is an online portal, which is developed by the Ministry of Textiles for direct marketing of handicrafts and handloom products. This portal facilitates the weavers and artisans to provide information about their handloom products for easy understanding of exporters. Weavers and Artisans who have registered their mobile number with Development Commissioner for Handlooms or with any participating ministries can able to access this portal. In this article, we will look at the India Handmade Bazaar Seller Registration in detail.

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Objective of India Handmade Bazaar Portal

  • To give direct market access facility to handloom weavers and handicrafts artisans.
  • To encourage the production of high quality and defect-free niche handloom product with minimal impact on the environment
  • To increase the earnings of the weaver and another stakeholder of the handloom industry
  • To generate a unique market space for handloom products.
  • To provide updated information about the handloom and handicraft producers to retail customers, e-commerce players, wholesalers, and exporters.

Key features of India Handmade Bazaar Portal

The Key features of India Handmade Bazaar are explained in detail below:

  • Weavers and Artisans who have registered their mobile number with Development Commissioner for Handlooms or with any participating ministries can able to access this portal.

For example, Weavers registered in Handloom Census database or Artisans registered in ‘Pehchan’ database.

  • Once registered in the portal, weaver or artisan can any time add, update or modify details of the products, process, and photographs of products.
  • Buyer can see the product offering states, product category wise or by simply through a search on the products name.
  • Buyer can view all the products available and can also make a query to the weaver or artisan.
  • Registered weaver or artisan can able to view the queries and send a reply e-mail to the buyer.

India Handloom Brand

India Handloom Brand is a scheme of the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, for the branding of high-quality handloom products. The India Handloom Brand will be an endorsement of the high quality of the handloom products. It is applied in terms of processing, raw materials, weaving design embellishments, and other quality parameters besides environment and social compliances in the production for earning the trust of the customers.

Benefits of India Handloom Brand Registration

The India Handloom Brand logo will be provided to the products registered in the India Handmade Bazaar. The presence of India Handloom Brand logo will differentiate the products and assure the customer of its quality. The premium branding is likely to enable to source quality fabrics for the products and enhance the sales and earnings through bulk marketing of quality products both within and outside India. Registered users of the India Handloom Brands will also be assisted with design development, technical assistance, institutional finance under the National Handloom Development Programme.

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant will be eligible to apply for the India Handloom Brand registration if he/she falls in any of the following categories:

Genuine firms/institutions dealing with the production of handloom fabrics including the following:

  • Primary Handloom Cooperative Societies
  • Self Help Groups (SHG), Producers companies, Consortia, Joint Liability Groups (JLG)
  • Weaver Entrepreneurs
  • Producers of garments 

Note: The producer of garments should use the India Handloom branded fabrics and comply with the additional quality parameter regarding stitching, standard sizes as contained in the IS 12675 (1989) relating to the Guide to garment quality and other applicable BIS standards.

Eligible Products for Handloom Brand Registration

The following types of products are eligible for Handloom Brand Registration:

Handloom Products:

  • Saree – Cotton, Silk, Cotton Silk
  • Dress Material – Cotton, Silk, 
  • Fabric
  • Home furnishing
  • Stole/Scarf
  • Shawl/Chadar
  • Bed sheet
  • Dhoti

Handicraft Products

  • Metal Craft
  • Glass & Ceramics
  • Dolls & Toys Other Craft
  • Wood Craft
  • Natural Fiber Craft
  • Hand block printing
  • Leather Craft
  • Stone Craft
  • Painting Embroidery Craft
  • Jewellery
  • Terracotta (Pottery)
  • Musical Instruments

The Inclusion of New Products under the Scheme

In case the product is not covered under the India Handloom Brand Scheme, you have to submit a request for its inclusion to the Development Commissioner for Handlooms, Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi. A committee led by the Development Commissioner will consider the cases of inclusion of new products under this Scheme.

Quality of Parameters 

The quality of parameters for each of the product covered under the India Handmade Bazaar is given in the document:


Registration Fee

The registration fee for all categories of products is Rs.500/- per product sub-category. If the application is for more than one item, a further amount of Rs.500/- to be added. If the registration fee exceeds Rs.5000/- for cumulative registrations, the total fees will be Rs. 5000. For example, an application for registration in respect of 3 items should be accompanied with fees of Rs. 1500 (Rs. 500 per item) but an application for registration in respect of 15 items should be accompanied with fees of Rs. 5000.

Prescribed Time

The registration of the products for the India Handloom Brand will involve testing of the sample submitted in the laboratory, on-site verification process, scrutiny of the application and issuance of the registration number and certificate (license). The entire process will be completed within 30-40 days from the date of the making of the application.

Validity of Certificate

The validity period of the Handloom brand license to use the India Handloom logo will be three years from the date of registration. You can renew the Handloom brand registration by paying applicable registration fees and following the procedure and continue to use the India Handloom brands.

India Handmade Bazaar Seller Registration Procedure

The application procedure for Handloom Brand Registration is explained in detail below:

Step 1: You can apply for the registration by submitting a duly filled application form in duplicate in the prescribed format. 


Note: Even if your products already have Geographical Indications (GI), you can register for the India Handloom Brand. This will add further value to the product.

Step 2: You can pay the registration fees through Demand Draft or online transfer at the time of submission of the application. 

Submit Sample of Product

Step 3: The applicant needs to submit a sample of the product of 0.25 metres in length of the fabric in case of running material or yardage.

Note: In case a sample cannot be extracted from a whole product (like sari) you may submit a sample of the extra raw materials like yarns, dyes, and zari for testing along with a whole product sample.

Offline Payment of Registration Fee

Step 4: If you are submitting the application to the office of Weavers‟ Service Centre, you have to submit a Demand Draft drawn in favour of “Textiles Committee” payable at Mumbai. 

If you are submitting the application to an office of the Textiles Committee, submit the Demand Draft drawn in favour of the Textiles Committee payable at the name of the location of Regional Office of the Textiles Committee.

Online Payment of Registration Fee

Step 5: Online payment can be made through the “Online Payment” tab available in the Textiles Committee‟s website. If the applicant is making an online application, please make the payment of registration fee online for which the applicant will be provided with an auto-generated receipt.

On-Site Verification

Step 6: The concerned Regional Office of the Textiles Committee or Weavers‟ Service Centre will schedule a visit to the premises to ascertain the authenticity of the products besides social and environmental compliances. 

Step 7: The on-site verification process will be completed within 15 days from the date of receipt of your application.

Get Registration Number/Certificate

Step 8: If the application is accepted after scrutiny,  the applicant will get a registration number and a registration certificate of Handloom Brand Registration.

Get India Handloom Brand Logo

Step 9: On successful verification, the applicant will be provided with an India Handloom Brand logo in a Compact Disk from the Textiles Committee, Mumbai.

India handloom logo
India handloom logo

The applicant needs to procure labels from authorised label manufacturers empanelled by the Textiles Committee and mention the India Handloom Brand registration number on each label. Affix the label on your products so that customer can track the genuineness of label. In addition to this, a bar code will be given on each label.