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Haryana Birth Certificate


Haryana Birth Certificate

The birth certificate is an indispensable document that serves as a proof of identity or age for a person in various circumstances. The birth certificate is generally issued upon the birth of a person. The Government authorised document certifies the incidence of the birth of a child recording the legal information such as the date of birth, place of birth, parent’s name etc. of the newborn. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining a Haryana birth certificate in detail.

Purpose of Birth certificate:

A birth certificate is necessary for the following purposes:

  • To seek admission in educational institutes
  • For applying for other legal documents
  • Claiming social security benefits
  • To apply for passport or drivers license or PAN

In India, it is obligatory under the law to register every live birth. Birth registration in the State of Haryana is done as per the Birth & Death Registration Act. Accordingly, it is required that every birth is to be reported and recorded within 21 days at the place of the event in the prescribed form of reporting. In a circumstance where a child is born in a foreign country, and the family has moved to India with an intent to settle, the registration can be done within 60 days which will be treated the same as the registration occurring within 21 days.


To obtain Haryana birth certificate, the applicant should be a resident of Haryana.

Documents Required

  • Completed application form
  • Proof of birth of the person for whom the certificate is required (proof letter)
  • Affidavit specifying place, date and time of the birth of the person
  • Marriage certificate of the parents, optional
  • Parents’ identity proof for verification (Copy of Ration Card)

Note: The Gazetted officer, along with self-attestation, should attest all documents.

Registration of Birth Certificate:

Birth registration of a child must be done at the respective region of occurrence.

Rural Area: In case of a birth in a rural area, the District Registrar cum civil surgeon has to register, i.e., the application should be made to the District Registrar cum civil surgeon.

Urban Area: In case of a birth in an urban area, the Registrar cum Secretary of the Municipality concerned, should the approached.

The list of persons responsible for confirming the events to the Registrar or Authority concerned within 21 days of the birth is below:

Place of birth

Responsible person to inform

House Head of the family, oldest person, nearest relative, Anganwadi Sewika, Chowkidar.
Boarding House or Dharmashala Person in-charge
Jail Jail in-charge
Maternity Home and other similar Institutions Medical officer-in-charge
Sadar Hospital, Sub-Divisional Hospital or Medical College The deputy superintendent of the hospitals and officers-in-charge of the referral hospital
Moving Vehicle Person In-charge of the Vehicle
Public place The headman of the Village or In-charge of the neighbouring police station

Government Fees

Registering the birth of a child within 21 days of its occurrence is free of cost. Informing the registrar after 21 days but before 30 days, the registration incorporates a penalty of Rs.5 and a late fee of Rs.2.

Registration of births that are done after 30 days but within one year is permissible only with the written permission from the District Registrar along with the penalty of Rs.25 and a late fee of Rs.10.

Any birth that has not been reported within one year of its occurrence will be registered only on the orders of the Sub Divisional Magistrate with the payment of a penalty of Rs. 25 and a late fee of Rs.10.

Documents required for Delayed Registration (after 1 year)

  • A request letter from the father or mother
  • Affidavit in the prescribed format that includes complete details of the child
  • Proof of birth date
  • Residential certificate of the parent of the respective year
  • Testimony of the two persons present at the time of the incident and their ration card
  • A detailed report of the Registrar (Birth) of the Municipal Corporation, confirming the date of birth and the occurrence of the incident in the prescribed format
  • Signature and stamp of hospital in-charge on Form No. 1, verifying the happening of the incident in that hospital
  • Affidavit in-charge of hospital stating the reason for not recording at the time of the incident should be submitted

Registration of Name

Unlike earlier days, the birth of the newborn can be registered without mentioning a name, which can be entered later. Entering the name of the child within 1 year from the date of registration attracts no fees. Registering after 12 months involves a late fee of Rs.5. However, entering the name after 15 years from the date of registration is not allowed.

Online Application Process

Step 1: To apply online, visit the official website of Haryana Government’s online services.

Birth certificate login

Step 2: Enter the user id and password to enter the portal. Under the services select ‘Birth Certificate’ which displays the required application form.

Step 3: Fill in with relevant details and click submit after verifying them.

Application Status

The application status can be tracked by clicking the ‘Status of Application’ option on the login page. The following modes can check the status:

  • By mobile SMS on entering the mobile number in the field and clicking ‘GO’.
  • By entering the last 6 digits of the application number.
  • By entering the UDID (citizen ID)
Birth certificate application status

Note: One should be registered in Haryana’s e-service portal to avail this facility. To register, click this.

Recently, Haryana officials insist on Aadhaar registration for newborns before processing birth certificates.

To be identified as an Indian citizen and to enjoy the benefits or rights of the country, Birth Certificate is mandatory.