GST Rate for Goods and Services

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GST Rate for Goods and Services

The GST Council fixed the GST rate in India based on the HSN Code for goods and SAC code for services. The GST Council meets periodically and determines GST rates for all types of goods and services based on the recommendations of the members of the GST Council.

GST Rate for Goods

GST rates for goods fall under 7 categories namely 0%, 0.25%, 3%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. The GST Council linked the GST rate for goods and services to the HSN code, an internationally used system, to classify the goods in the course of international trade. HSN code contains over 98 chapters and goods grouped into chapters based on the type of product/goods and services.

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How to find GST rate for goods?

To find the GST rate for goods, it’s important to first locate the HSN code for the goods. The individual can find the GST rate of the goods or services immediately after finding the HSN code associated GST rate. In case you want to find HSN code and GST rates for Goods, click on the link to use the finder to search for goods.

GST Rate for Services

GST rates for services fall under 5 categories namely 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. GST rates for services are linked to SAC code, a system of classification for services devised by the Service Tax Department in India. The default GST rate for services is 18%. So, if the GST rate for a service is not explicitly provided by the GST Council, the default rate of 18% would apply. In addition to the GST rate notified by the GST Council for services, some services are provided with an exemption from GST. Hence, to find the GST rate for a service, both the notified rates and GST exemption list for services must be verified.

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How to find GST rate for services?

To find the GST rate for services, it’s important to first locate the SAC code for the goods. Once the SAC code is found, check to see if the service is mentioned in the exemption list. In case the service is not mentioned in the exemption list, check the GST rate notification for various services. You can also use the IndiaFilings GST rate finder to quickly find GST rate for services.

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